One of the major sources of authority for Rompetrol Brand is Petromidia refinery, the pillar of the local refining industry.

The largest Romanian refinery and one of the most modern refineries in South East Europe, with a material impact in the region and at a national level, Rompetrol Petromidia celebrated it’s 40th anniversary in 2019 dedicated to performance and innovation.

Strategic position on the Black Sea

Petromidia is strategically positioned in Navodari, on the Black Sea Coast, 20 km near the port of Constanta. It uses its proprietary railway logistics, has access to the Danube-Black Sea channel and many facilities in the Midia Port: Berths 1-4 for crude and molasses)  and Berths  9 (A, B and C) for (for fuel products, ethylene and LPG).

The most important logistics asset of the refinery remains the sole off-shore sea terminal in Romania that can receive up to 160,000 TDW connected via marine and land hoses to the tanks located in the refinery. 

A complex refinery

Petromidia has an 11.4 Nelson complexity index and processes crude oil with a high content of Sulphur to produce only Euro 5 products.

The refinery has the highest yield of white products in the region (over 85%), ranked 9 among the 250 refineries in Europe and Africa*.

Constant investments, upgrade and modernization programs need to be implemented to keep refining at a competitive level, and also complying with strict European regulations.

Decrease the electricity consumption

Through the programs of modernization and increasing the efficiency of units and production flows within Petromidia refinery, we have  undertaken constant rmeasures to reduce the electricity consumption.

A new Cogeneration plant will be constructed on the Petromidia platform.

The plant will meet the highest technological, energy efficiency and environmental protection standards.

It will use natural gas as the main fuel to produce electricity and heat and will have two high-efficiency, high-performance Siemens turbines and two heat recovery boilers in the technical configuration.

They will generate about 80 MW of electricity, of which about 60-70 MW to fully cover the Petromidia platform's electricity needs, up to 180 tons/hour of technological steam, and up to 20 MW of hot water for Navodari’s heating system.

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Energy Index

The Energy Intensity Index reached 102.78 in 2021, while the refinery was shut down after the incident in 2nd of July, that affected the operational activity. The reduction of the operation costs in parallel with the increase in the mechanical and operational availability will allow an improvement of the EII index. 

Highlights 2021

Artboard 15 copy 12 4.58 mil tons feedstock processed

Artboard 15 copy 18 0.82%wt technological loss

Artboard 15 copy 13 86.12%wt yield for white products

Artboard 15 copy 21 95.96% Mechanical availability

Digital transformation program

The refinery has continued to invest in automation solutions for increasing efficiency. APC is one of the biggest projects part of the digital transformation.

The implementation began in 2017 as a pilot project at the Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit (DAV) – one of the most important units in the processing of crude oil that ensures the raw material for the rest of the installations from the refinery.

The benefits generated by APC for this unit amounted to about USD 1.5 million/year, but also led to stability in operational activity.

In 2020, we have implemented the first  general turnaround of the Petromidia refinery fully completed only by Romanian companies, with local specialists.

We managed, together with all those involved, to carry out these works safely and without incidents during the 45 days.

The complex works of the turnaround in 2020 were carried out on a large area, of over 200 hectares, with considerable distances between work points, mainly in the open air and in compliance with the rules of social distancing.

1,500 works were executed. In the 45 days, the teams intervened on a number of 1,000 static machines, 150 rotative machines, over 2,600 pipes and tubes and approximately 560 electrical machines.

With the general turnaround in 2020, the Petromidia refinery and the Petrochemical Division will align with the new operating strategy, with a general turnaround scheduled for 4 years and technological shutdowns scheduled for 2 years.

In 2022, the turnaround works were carried out by Rominserv – general contractor of the KMGI (Rompetrol) Group, with the support of 25 companies from Romania and the involvement of over 2,000 people. With a value of around 30 million dollars, the technological shutdown is the most important project in the company's investment plans for 2022.

Key Figures

Results 9 months 2022

Rompetrol Rafinare recorded in the first 9 months of the year, a consolidated gross turnover of approximately 4.87 billion dollars and an operational profit (EBITDA) of approximately 327 million dollars, as a result of higher market quotations compared to similar periods last year.

Rompetrol Rafinare continues to represent a factor of stability in the industry, at the local and regional level. The January - September 2022 period was a complex one, with challenges in the supply of raw material, with a successfully completed and in the proposed schedule turnaround, and with a complicated context in the Black Sea area. However, we have aligned our production and sales in order to support the increased demand in the country and we have focused on streamlining operational flows and maximizing performance, in safe conditions and environmental protection.

The total value of exports exceeded 1.27 billion dollars, amounting to more than 1.28 million tons sold.

Rompetrol Rafinare remained, in 2022, an important contributor to Romania's state budget, with a contribution of almost 440 million dollars in the third quarter of the year and more than 1.13 billion dollars in the first nine months of 2022.

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Results 2021

In 2021, the Petromidia Năvodari refinery processed approximately 4.6 million tons of raw materials, obtaining 1.13 million tons of gasoline and almost 2.5 million tons of diesel and special aviation fuel.

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