We are part of an extended community, the company being actively involved in the community we are part of and committed to supporting the sustainable development of the area in which we operate, through financial investment and expertise. We work with NGOs, local authorities, and other entities to identify community needs and develop projects and initiatives to respond to them. We are determined to build solid partnerships and contribute to continuous, long-term, and sustainable development for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

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We focus on the following key areas:


The health and safety of our community members is as important to us as the health and safety of our employees. We invest in hospitals, provide support to medical staff and NGOs that provide specialized assistance to patients (both medical and palliative care at home or in hospitals).

We provide equipment, medical devices, uniforms, fuel, protective equipment, everything necessary to support the medical act.


We monitor the impact of our operations and invest in modern and environmentally friendly technologies. Planet Earth is our legacy for future generations, and we support afforestation and innovative green energy solutions. Every year, we carry out afforestation activities in accordance with the national forestry legislation, which involves soil analysis, development of technical afforestation projects, tree planting, replenishment of forests and caring for them until maturity.


Our partnerships with the universities of Constanta and Prahova ensure future generations of high-performing employees. At the same time, we develop partnerships with various organizations, supporting their mission to transform the educational system in Romania, and we offer the necessary means for children in our communities to continue their educational journey.


We connect communities through music and film, supporting the “George Enescu” International Festival and Competition for over 14 years, a reference event in the field, and Kazakh Film Days.

We proactively engage and support communities in a variety of ways and respond to their demands and concerns in a timely and transparent manner. That's why we work closely with our local partners to find out their needs and help them move forward.

Our projects aim to make a positive impact on communities and make a difference, whether it's health and wellbeing, culture and education, skills development and leadership, or social and environmental issues.


SMURD partnership

Rompetrol continued to be actively involved in supporting the Romanian health system during the last 14 years, by strengthening the long-term partnership with the Mobile Emergency, Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD) and the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU).

Over the years, Rompetrol has invested in the partnership with SMURD, fuel for medical helicopters, uniforms for volunteers, medical equipment, the rehabilitation and equipment of several medical units, and one of the emblematic projects is a virtual reality simulator dedicated to medical cases, for medical interventions that, through virtual reality glasses, allow mixed teams of medical personnel, doctors, assistants, paramedics to practice medical maneuvers, therapeutic behavior, approach a patient during the pre-hospital stage, at home or in case of emergency.

Blood donation campaign

To support blood donation at the national level, Rompetrol in partnership with the Blood Transfusion Center, the Department for Emergency Situations and the SMURD Foundation launched the campaign “Donate blood, save a life and Rompetrol rewards you” between March and May 2022 which totaled over 63,000 donors nationwide.

A similar project was carried out by Rompetrol in 2020, during the pandemic, and during the 2 months of the campaign, approximately 20,000 liters of blood were collected, involving over 44,000 donors.

Medical aid for local hospitals

Together with our partners, the SMURD Foundation, we purchased intensive care beds, individually equipped with ventilators, vital signs monitoring system, consoles with injectomats, infusion pumps and donated to the intensive care unit of the Ploiești County Hospital.

The donated medical equipment meets all clinical requirements, provides critical patients with continuous monitoring, as well as high standard intensive care. As a result, the capacity of the special intensive care unit (ICU) of the Ploiești County Emergency Hospital increased to 20 patients simultaneously.

Thus, the effort continued starting the end of 2020, when Rompetrol purchased four intensive care beds with all the necessary equipment, which were donated to the Constanța County Hospital and the Matei Balș Hospital in Bucharest.

Mobile intensive care unit

In 2020, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the Group acquired, in partnership with the Romanian National Red Cross Society, a mobile intensive care unit with 12 beds, which was donated to ISU/SMURD, as part of the strategic civil protection reserve. This fully equipped facility can be used anywhere in the country during the pandemic, but also afterwards during calamity or disaster situations, and aims to increase the capacity of hospitals to provide high quality care for patients.

SMURD mobile training centers

We have donated two mobile training centers to SMURD for use in SMURD paramedic training and emergency medical assistance programs (in 2018).

Support for local health centers

The group purchased and donated medical equipment for the health center in Corbu, Constanța. The equipment (portable ultrasound, vital functions monitor, defibrillator, stretcher, oxygen concentrator, EKG machines, sterilizer, beds) will serve the 6,500 inhabitants of the villages of Luminița, Vadu and Corbu.

In partnership with the SMURD Foundation, the Group has equipped the Năvodari Health Medical Center with equipment and medical supplies worth 300,000 euros: high-quality microbiology, immunology, and radiology equipment.

Facilitation of medical transport

Soul driver

In March 2020, a state of emergency was established in response to the pandemic, and in the context of the health crisis, children with oncological conditions faced major restrictions due to the high degree of risk.

The Magic Association and Rompetrol launched “Soul driver”, a project that mobilized a large community of volunteers with their own cars, to ensure the safe transport of children from home to hospital and back home. Since then, Rompetrol has been providing the fuel needed to transport children who need cancer treatment, thus helping families who already bear the burden of high drug-related costs.

More than 2,500,000 km traveled in total – the amount that exceeds the distance from the Earth to the Moon

  • Over 350 volunteers involved in the project
  • Over 16,000 children and parents
  • 1,134 refugees benefited from transport
  • Longest traveled distance for one patient: 1,908 km
  • No COVID cases, no road accidents
  • All children arrived on time for treatment

See the story of the volunteers and its beneficiaries


“Soul Driver” is the project started by the Magic Association and Rompetrol in 2020, with the start of the pandemic. Rompetrol provides fuel, and volunteers from all over the country transport the sick free of charge, under safe conditions, from home to the hospital and back home. Most of the beneficiaries are patients with oncological conditions, especially children. There are hundreds of people involved and hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled so far.


16,422 patient children and their parents arrived at the hospital for cancer treatment, safely. Soul Driver is fueled with a lot of passion from volunteers and Rompetrol fuel. Find out the story of the soul passengers and how much this initiative helped them.


The project "Soul Driver" means a community of over 350 volunteers, amazing people who set off at any time of the day or night, in any season, to drive safely, and free of charge, from home to the hospital and back home children who need specialized medical treatment, mainly oncological.

Partnership with “Dăruiește Aripi”

Rompetrol supports the activity of the “Dăruiește Aripi” Association by donating fuel for the transport of medical teams that provide home care services for children with oncological conditions in Constanța County. The project was initiated in March 2018, being the first of its kind in Romania, and currently supports 162 children with cancer and serious diseases from Dobrogea and neighboring areas. The children enrolled in the “Circuitul Încrederii și Speranței - home treatments for children with cancer” project benefited from home visits during which they were monitored, tested, or offered treatment outside the hospital.

Run & Care - Join the race for good

Rompetrol Run and Care is the charity event with a 10-year tradition, which involves colleagues, partners, and sports lovers from everywhere who contribute by running to support various humanitarian causes. 

The kilometers are transformed by Rompetrol into funds or liters of fuel donated to various NGOs. Since its launch, the project has gathered more than 5,000 runners in the community and more than 100,000 euros have been donated by the company to various social causes. 

The aim of the project is to associate a team action with a charitable cause, promoting the spirit of individual and social responsibility. 

In 2022, more than 400 runners covered 3,938 kilometers transformed into liters of fuel to support the Magic Association's Soul Driver project, which provides free transportation to patients from home to hospital for oncology treatment. 

Construction of the MRI anesthesia room at the Bucharest Oncological Institute

In December 2020, Rompetrol and the “Dăruiește Aripi” Association completed the construction and equipping of the MRI anesthesia room at the Bucharest Oncological Institute. The beneficiaries are hundreds of children from all over the country, hospitalized annually with oncological conditions, who thus avoid trips to other hospitals and can complete the entire program of medical tests and specialized treatment in one place. Previously, due to the absence of adequate space, MRI examination of small children was not possible. The pediatric oncology department in this hospital is the largest in the country, the MRI exam being essential in the decision-making process regarding chemotherapy protocols, as well as in the disease monitoring process.

Investment in the modernization of Constanţa County Hospital

Rompetrol, in partnership with "Dăruieşte Aripi" Association, carried out two projects to modernize the obstetrics-gynecology post-surgery unit and, respectively, the emergency reception unit of the Constanţa County Emergency Clinical Hospital, which serves a population of about one million inhabitants in the Dobrogea area. The post-surgery unit in the obstetrics section has 9 electrically adjustable beds and was equipped with monitors and medical furniture, as well as 4 UVC light disinfection devices. It will also have an electrocardiograph, a defibrillator, a syringe and a secretion aspirator. More than 5,000 patients are hospitalized in the section annually, with various pathologies, while more than 700 require surgical interventions. Rompetrol also supported the rehabilitation works on an area of over 600 square meters in the emergency reception unit, and the installation of a heavy traffic antibacterial PVC carpet, in compliance with the current standards in the field, which will provide optimal sanitary conditions.


Ophtalmological equipment for Corbu Medical Center

In partnership with the "Dăruieşte Aripi" Association, Rompetrol purchased and donated ophthalmology equipment for the health center in Corbu commune, Constanţa. The medical unit is now fully equipped with high-quality ophthalmological equipment and will serve the 6,500 inhabitants of the villages of Luminița, Vadu and Corbu.

The medical center in Corbu was fully rehabilitated in 2021 by the City Hall and equipped, through a Rompetrol investment, with beds, portable ultrasound, vital functions monitor, defibrillator, oxygen concentrator, EKG, sterilizer.

Medical equipment for the Năvodari Health Center

High-performance radiology equipment Rompetrol financed the acquisition of state-of-the-art radiology equipment, a total investment of $223,000. This will help the health center treat a much wider spectrum of medical emergencies in Năvodari, being absolutely necessary for medical personnel. Further investments in the local medical facilities target a medical analysis laboratory within the Năvodari Multifunctional Health Center.

We invested also in a obstetrics-gynecology room, in the amount of over $80,000 and consists of establishing and fully equipping an obstetrics-gynecology office within the local health center in Năvodari. This includes ultrasound, optical colposcope, autoclave sterilizer with osmosis, fetal monitor cardiograph and all the specific medical instruments and furniture.


Chess in school

Chess in school is a project initiated in 2021, when chess lessons were organized with physical and online presence, visits and open hours, chess competitions for children from Constanța, Prahova counties and at the national level. Rompetrol supported the development of a chess manual for the first, second and third years of study, printed in over 35,000 copies and distributed to children both in urban and rural areas at the national level.

In Romania, chess is not a subject included in the school curriculum, but the benefits of this sport are obvious, helping children apply logical thinking in everyday life.

The results of the Chess in school project:

  • Over 2,000 teachers involved
  • Since the beginning of the project, more than 41,000 children have participated in training sessions for this mind sport, while 17,000 children have participated in events dedicated to the game of chess
  • In the last year more than 40,000 hours of chess were played
  • Over 35,000 textbooks were printed and distributed for free
  • Over 7000 chess sets were distributed free of charge to students

“Ready for career” internship program

In 2022 we celebrated the 21st edition of our internship program. For 21 years we have trained future industry professionals, with over 1,500 young people graduating from the program. Many of them are now successful members of the Rompetrol community of energy specialists.

For 2 months, 80 students and recent graduates had the opportunity to prepare for a career in the energy sector, being supervised by 40 Rompetrol staff members with extensive experience in refining, petrochemicals, logistics or utilities. The interns were assigned to 6 of the KMG International Group companies - Rompetrol Rafinare, Rominserv, Midia Marine Terminal, Rompetrol Quality Control, Rompetrol Energy and Rompetrol Well Services.

During this period, interns covered practical and theoretical aspects of the workplace in online workshops focused on developing their soft skills, and in field activities alongside Group specialists. They also went through the “Leaders Explore” program and participated in the “Community Challenge” program, having the opportunity to choose a topic of social interest through which they could bring change to the community.

At the end of the two-month program, the interns received two certifications: one as a graduate of the Rompetrol “Ready for career” program and one as a graduate of the personal development program, carried out together with the partners from the Leaders Foundation.

Support for Romania's robotics team

Starting in 2021, Rompetrol supports AutoVortex, Romania's national robotics team, consisting of high school students passionate about designing and building robots, as well as exploring the latest innovations in the field of robotics.

In 2022, the young champions won first place at the United States International Robotics Championship, first place at the Libya International Robotics Championship held in Tripoli, and again first place at the Jamaica International Robotics Championship.

In 2021, AutoVortex Romania won first place at the International Robotics Championship in Chicago, the first time since 1989 when a team from outside the United States won first place in the championship and they presented themselves at Expo Dubai.

Education for underserved communities

In 2021, Rompetrol supported the CONCORDIA Humanitarian Organization to fulfill its mission by providing care and education for children and young people from family-type foster homes, professional education, professional training, and counseling, sheltered housing, workshops for the development of independent life skills, night shelter, day center for children and community services. The program was carried out mainly in Prahova County (in Ploiești and Ariceștii Rahtivani), but also in Bucharest and Dâmbovița, offering annual support to over 2,000 disadvantaged people. Also, through the financial support provided during the pandemic, food, supplies, clothing and footwear, social and medical assistance, counseling and psychological therapy, financial education, personal development, and training for an independent life were provided for young people.

Partnership with AVE and Teach for Romania

Starting 2021, Rompetrol is a partner of the AVE and Teach for Romania associations, with the aim of developing leadership and management skills for school principals, in order to improve the educational results of the schools they lead, as well as supporting teachers to continue teaching in isolated rural areas of the country.

Support for “CONCORDIA” organization

In partnership with the “CONCORDIA” Humanitarian Organization, Rompetrol continues to support in Prahova County the activities of children in family-type foster homes and young people in social housing or enrolled in professional training courses. The financial aid during the pandemic covered the need of young people in the state protection system for food, school supplies, clothing and shoes, social and medical assistance, psychological counseling and therapy, financial education, personal development, and skills for an independent life.


George Enescu Festival and International Competition

Since 2010 Rompetrol has supported the George Enescu Festival and Competition, a classical music event, with the participation of Romanian and international musicians.

During the events, the company introduces a classical music playlist in gas stations and in the Rompetrol Go mobile application, which can be downloaded and listened to for free by classical music enthusiasts.

Kazakh film days

Rompetrol is actively involved in cultural programs and projects designed to promote the social and cultural values of Romania and Kazakhstan, at the national and international level. In this sense, bringing the “Kazakh Film Days” Festival to Romania proved to be a very inspired idea, appreciated by moviegoers. Considering the rich and proud history of Kazakhstan and the diversity of its population, which includes over 130 ethnic groups, Rompetrol, together with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, organized the “Kazakh Film Days” Festival in Bucharest. The event made an important contribution to cultural exchanges between the two countries.


Planting for cleaner air

We engage in afforestation actions in our areas of operations as well as across the country in areas severely affected by deforestation. Planting trees contributes to the capture of carbon dioxide, forests being among the most important sources of its storage. Rompetrol, in partnership with the EcoAssist Association through the "Planting good deeds" program, planted a total of 2.9 hectares of land and 13,675 saplings in Prahova and Ilfov counties in 2022. In 2021, within the same project, 4.46 hectares and 13,000 white poplar saplings and shrub species were planted in Prahova and Constanța counties.

In the spring of 2022, Rompetrol employees planted over 7,500 trees on the former greened landfill in Ploiești, on the occasion of International Forest Day. The trees were selected according to the properties of the soil (sycamore, jugastre, bloodwood, rose hip, hawthorn), and at maturity they will absorb approximately 50 tons of CO2 per year.

On the occasion of the planting campaign in Prahova county, we also fulfilled our promise to the participants of the Rompetrol Run and Care event, which took place in the fall of 2021 and then in the spring of 2022. Thus, for each participant in the running race we planted one tree at a time.

Reforestation in the Făgăraș Mountains

In partnership with Agent Green, in 2019 we supported the reforestation of an area of 20,000 square meters in the Făgăraș Mountains. Located at the edge of the alpine gap, the area was deforested 12 years ago, with no further measures taken to protect against erosion.

Civil Society Gala

For 20 years, Rompetrol has been the main partner of the Civil Society Gala, the annual event that awards the best initiatives and community projects, carried out by non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and individuals.

In 2022, 146 projects were registered, and for each NGO winning first place in each of the 16 competition categories, Rompetrol offered a fuel card worth USD 1,000 to support the projects' missions and the work of the people behind them.


Playgrounds for the local community

Through Rominserv, our industrial service provider, we invested in the construction of 4 new playgrounds in Ploiești and 3 in Blejoi, in partnership with the local town halls. The new playgrounds were designed to blend harmoniously into the urban landscape, being paved with elastic rubber tiles, equipped with modern urban furniture, and play equipment in pleasant colors, all in full compliance with the quality and safety standards in force.

Ask for sponsorship

Over the years, the company has developed strong local partnerships in social responsibility projects developed for the communities in which we operate. Through dialogue with different stakeholders, including NGOs, local authorities and communities, government or actors from academia and civil society, we believe we can identify the right opportunities for sustainable development.

You can let us know if the organization you represent needs sponsorship or if you have suggestions for local communities and causes we could support.