Our network of energy stations

The Rompetrol station revolves around a simple thought: energy for people and cars. That's why our innovations recharge your batteries through diverse, quality products and services in which we've invested time and passion, so that you gain time for your passions. Day in, day out.

Whether you need a refill, a specialty coffee or simply want to energise yourself with carefully selected products, we're waiting for you at our energy station. We even have a cash withdrawal service at the cash registers.

hei coffee & gourmet

hei is an innovative concept of shop & gastro, which we thought of not as an escape from the everyday, but on the contrary, a deep anchorage in everything you like and feel good about. We've combined timelessly inviting and relaxing design with the finest gourmet hot food and specialty coffee to give you a uniquely invigorating break.

hei is when you didn't even know you were craving traditional meat. When the espresso surprises you with its velvety texture and distinct notes of flowers and chocolate. hei is when the freshness of seasonal fruits and vegetables takes you one step further.

hei is our promise that you can have a full sensory experience in a Rompetrol energy station.

Loyalty Program

Rompetrol Go is our first loyalty card that gives you both useful benefits and loyalty rewards using the Rompetrol Go mobile app. For every litre you fill up or amount you spend in hei, you get valuable GoPoints. These can be used to purchase goods and services.

For those who want more benefits and flexibility, we have introduced the Rompetrol Go+ loyalty card. With it you can pay for fuel directly at the pump, both at Rompetrol stations in Romania and Bulgaria. What's more, Rompetrol GO+ is the first interest-free fuel card with which you fill up whenever you want, as much as you need and pay only once a month. You can top up your Rompetrol GO+ account in a variety of ways, including online or directly from the Rompetrol Go app.

Rompetrol Go

The Rompetrol Go mobile app is the first app in the energy industry that brings you significant value, whether you're a driver or a passenger: ​

  • The first virtual card for earning and using GoPoints​
  • Extra partner discounts for in-app purchases​
  • Pre-order products from hei, with pickup at any station
  • Monthly bill payment Pay for fuel by credit or debit with Rompetrol Go+​
  • Possibility to listen to music in custom playlists​
  • Management of car events​
  • Check weather conditions ​
  • Access information about Rompetrol energy stations and offers as well as many other constantly developing facilities​
The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.​

Download for iOS Download for Android

Fill & Go is a unique service, being the first at-pump identification system available in different versions for companies.

Fill&Go Personal becomes Fill&Go Business, the best loyalty solution for companies, while maintaining Rompetrol's benefits and innovations.
So, our B2B partners can enjoy all the innovations that our loyalty program makes available, exclusively for them, supporting our partners' businesses.​
efix is Rompetrol's most advanced range of fuels, offering special engine protection. An engine protected by efix runs at optimum performance and consumes less, so you can always hit the road worry-free. 

efix fuels, designed and produced at Petromidia, our refinery in Năvodari, have an optimal combination of additives and active compounds, which not only clean valves and injectors, but also reduce fuel consumption and increase engine performance, whatever the configuration of your car.
With its high octane rating, efix gas offers easy starting and quicker engine response in demanding conditions - overtaking, hill climbing, high load. 

Efix S Diesel 55, efix diesel with a cetane number of 55 allows for stronger internal combustion, which results in a more efficient fuel combustion process. Thus, diesel engines consume less fuel, but offer more power and engine protection.​
With the launch of the efix range, Rompetrol has implemented new quality standards and is the first and best known fuel brand to ensure engine protection. That's why it is the best known fuel brand in Romania. All efix products meet Euro 5 pollution requirements and are low in sulphur, benzene, olefin and aromatics. 

efix fuels have been tested in Germany at the Competence Centre for Fuels and Lubricants, which has once again validated their outstanding properties.

efix fuels are sold exclusively in Rompetrol petrol stations in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.