We care and we are committed to offer to our employees the best solutions & resources for improving the quality of work & life

Our Real Life Stories

With 5 generations working together and over 200 different types of jobs, Rompetrol is the result of the ambition and passion of the specialists in this industry.

Be it in the Petromidia or Vega refineries, on the offshore ships and tugboats, in the industrial service companies or in Rompetrol's stations and offices, we continuously build and grow together.

Well Station

The Well Station is our global platform, designed to integrate all our initiatives in the well-being area. Inspired by the company’s profile, the gas stations being one of the most known symbols, Well Station is a program to inspire energy, a pit-stop for all employees to refill with well-being, mindfulness & good information about health, a source of fuel for a better life.

Due to the overwhelming pandemic period of uncertainty & health crisis, we have adapted all the above well-being initiatives to an online format in order to address the new needs of our people. We are proud of the involvement & collaboration of multiple departments to address these new concerns and needs of our people, to provide protection, to implement initiatives and measures which were taken to limit the effects of the pandemic on physical and mental health. All of these helped us achieve a balance in our community.


Happiness and Lifestyle


Health and Protection


Sustainable Financial Equilibrium

Remuneration & Compensation

We are constantly working to provide the best compensation and benefits. For us motivated and engaged employees are the key drivers of individual and company performance. 

The pay packages are generally composed of base salary and variable pay that are linked to employees’ and management’s performance and business results, and also bonuses stipulated in the Collective Labor Agreements (overtime allowance and/ or night shift allowance). 


In addition to compensation, we are committed to ensuring all our people have their basic needs met to live a healthy and productive life, with a competitive benefits package. Providing a comprehensive benefits package is another way to thank our employees for all their hard work and contributions. 

As part of their benefits package, and depending on their individual situation, each employee may have access to several financial and non-financial benefits, such as: 

  • flexible working hours and/or work from home program
  • significant life events support and allowances (marriage, childbirth, illness, death)
  • relocation assistance and allowances
  • medical care support
  • rest and relaxation allowances/tickets 
  • retirement planning
  • health, life, illness and disability insurance
  • discounts for company products or other third-party suppliers

We nurture innovative workspaces and we support collaboration

The workplace has a big impact on our mood and behavior. Our Rompetrol energy hub provides us with a creative, flexible, inspiring space that allows us to get together and play with new ideas, to connect with our clients and to mark the most important events in our company. 

After pandemics, a new hybrid working model will be implemented in areas where the job content allows remote working. It will include the integrated technology called desk hoteling, an application that has already been launched in the Bucharest headquarters. Our desire is to return to the old "normal", but at the same time to maintain safety measures.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing a respectful & inclusive workplace. We embrace diversity and equal opportunity as a means to access a broader talent pool and foster innovation.

The majority of our employee community is located in Romania (66%), however given the Group’s extensive local operations we have in total 17 different nationalities, like Georgian, Moldovan, Kazakh, Bulgarian, Russian, among others, which is a reflection of our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

We are stronger together!

The sense of belonging and community is paramount to us

Sports Academy

The 10th anniversary edition of Sports Academy registered a record-breaking number of participants in 2019, with over 700 colleagues from all countries and the Group’s companies taking part in more than 20 competitions. Football, table tennis, chess, swimming, tennis simple and doubles, badminton, along with weightlifting, arm-wrestling, basketball and volleyball are all on our list

Run & Care

We encourage a healthy lifestyle and a strong volunteering spirit among our employees!

The program "Run and Care” is part of our tradition of running for a charitable cause and supporting essential areas of Romanian society, through partnerships with NGOs. It is an unique charity event, a manifestation of responsibility that we are proud of.  The 7th edition, in 2020, was the first online edition of the event taking into account the current conditions and recommendations of the authorities. Instead of a group running, we invited all people with a civic sense and eager to be physically active, to join the event virtually and run anywhere across the country through tracking mobile applications.   More than 600 people, including Rompetrol employees and their families run 6600 kilometers, which were converted into liters of fuel, which were donated by Rompetrol to support the specialized palliative care provided by Hospice at patients’ homes.

Christmas Party & Kids Christmas Party


All the editions of 'Kids@work’ are greatly appreciated by our employees and their children. 
It’s a day for our employees to share their sense of pride with their families and also motivate them while having fun at work together.
The pandemics didn’t affect our Kids@work program and demonstrated to us that kids are enthusiastic to have a taste of their parents’ jobs, even online.

Celebrating local traditions and events

Celebrating 100 years since the foundation of modern Romania, this event was a beautiful way to thank all our employees for the energy they are investing every day in developing our activities in Romania, which is our main market.

Thank You Platform

The "Thank You" project across all Group business units was built to create a culture of recognition inside our organization. To support/further our mission, goals, values, and the initiatives of our community, we understood the power behind the positive emotions from both giving and receiving thoughtful recognition. Our “Thank You” program rewards behaviors that we want to see continued and perfected and acknowledges efforts, hard work, dedication, good performance and accomplishments.