Source of energy

Rompetrol is the source of energy for a sustainable future, dedicated to constantly evolve its products and services, in order to respond to people’s needs of an upgraded way of a living.

It is a path breaker in its field being the first Romanian brand to expand internationally, but our success is based on more than 4 decades of expertise in the oil industry.

Rompetrol operates different businesses in 11 countries, on 2 continents becoming an important voice in the region, a real energy bridge between Europe and Asia.The group's almost 6,000 employees cover several business lines ranging from refining and petrochemicals, crude oil transportation and well services, to fuel distribution stations in several Black Sea countries.

It’s oil time

In the 80s Rompetrol communicated the slogan “It’s oil time”, “hard to beat”, and “We connect you to the oil oasis”, announcing the destiny of a powerful company, which experienced numerous challenges. From social and political changes, war and economic crises, Rompetrol has remained a strong Romanian originated brand. Although Rompetrol acted since the beginning within the geographical borders of Romania, it has been "the international operator of the Romanian oil industry" offering services in the areas of oil extraction to countries such as: Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia.

The first Rompetrol logos

Rompetrol logos were drawn by one of the company' s geologists at the time, on a graph paper, with no graphic elements, just the name - "Rompetrol". After the privatization of the state-owned company in 1998 - 2000, Rompetrol has diversified its business and expanded by acquiring the Petromidia and Vega refineries. The Refineries also brought the first graphic element to Rompetrol’ s logo, inspired by 3 energy pipes, in yellow and black. In 2003 the company started offering European standards quality fuel through a resilient national network, and that was the year when the final graphic element appeared - the iconic Rompetrol flower.

Energy for life

The communication platform, under the slogan "Energy for life" came with a modern and memorable approach to the Romanian market and achieved award-winning performances. 2005 -2006 are the years of innovation for Rompetrol. Efix, the fuel that protects the engine, Fill and Go, payment at the pump and hei, concept for shop and restaurant transformed Rompetrol in “the station of energy”, under the slogan “energy for life”.

The introduction of Expres stations

"Only Rompetrol fuels cars with personality", "The shortest way from idea to success" - was the campaign that marked the introduction of express stations by Rompetrol, mobile and self-service stations. An innovation for the Romanian market, the express stations educated the market regarding the direct payment via card, nonetheless the support of personnel is still needed nowadays.

Concert at injectors

In 2008-2009 Efix, the fuel brand under the umbrella of Rompetrol, stormed the Internet and the new digital marketing era in Romania, with the famous spot - "Concert at injectors". The entry of the KMG International investor into the life of the Rompetrol brand has brought him new capabilities and a complete activity in the oil & gas field, from the extraction of oil from Kazakhstan, transport, and refining at Petromidia, and its distribution at fuel stations. In 2012, Rompetrol communicated "Energy for Life - Rompetrol, quality controlled from well to tank" to show the complexity of operations behind the brand and it was the last campaign under this platform.

The rebranding process

The rebranding process Starting 2013 the Rompetrol brand has then entered into an extensive rebranding process. From the refreshment of the logo and visual identity elements with more energetic colors to the complete renovation of the distribution stations, with a new, minimalist, and warm design that highlights the hei brand as well as the new range of goods from shops and restaurants at Rompetrol stations. All details are carefully built based on the consumer's needs and habits, assuring all necessary goods and energy for the driver and for the car.


In 2018-2019 Rompetrol launched the most attractive loyalty program in the market, integrated in a mobile application for easy access and usage, rewarding customers for each acquisition.     

A few years later in 2023, Rompetrol came up with a unique concept in Romania: hei coffee & gourmet, the first restaurant in a filling station, that provides customers with a new experience on the move. With its special ambience created to inspire and high-quality culinary dishes, hei coffee & gourmet is just another of the brand’s numerous initiatives to offer people energy for a sustainable living.

And the best is yet to come. As we continue joining our forces, together we have the power to build a better future, where individuals are the most valuable energy resource.

Rompetrol Efix

Rompetrol Manifesto

Rompetrol Winter