We embed sustainability into all our operations, while we make sure we follow all rules and regulations in place, along with the highest standards and industry best practices.

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Sustainability principles & goals

In all our operations we apply fair labor practices and abide all applicable workplace, employment, privacy and human rights legislation including support of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Regarding ethics, human rights, advice-seeking and grievance mechanisms, anti-corruption & anti-bribery, risk management, we have policies in place that apply to all our employees, but also to our stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which applies to all companies part of KMG International, promote ethical values and principles and may be read here : Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


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Sustainability principles & goals

We are guided in our business by international trends and best practices and incorporate where possible the SDGs.

Rompetrol is committed to leave its mark, by harmonizing the 2030 Agenda principles with its long-term sustainable development strategy.

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Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to providing quantitative and qualitative information on the impacts and outcomes of our activity, so that all our stakeholders can be confident that our operations are delivering not only efficient results but also sustainability benefits.

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