The company Rompetrol was created as a tool for the transfer of local know-how in the petroleum industry to international markets, playing a significant role in the development of several major projects in the Middle East.

Throughout almost four decades of activity, the company had clients in more than 25 countries, across four continents. In Iraq alone, the Drilling division of Rompetrol had created over 500 wells since 1974. More than 100 additional projects were finalized in North Africa and Europe, ranging from drilling to well services and work-over.


The first attempt of privatization by Management and Employee Buyout (MEBO); The turnover of Petromidia decreased significantly.


Majority of shares were purchased by a group of investors, increasing the working capital of the company and contributing to substantial turnover growth.


The Rompetrol Group N.V. was established as a holding company headquartered in the Netherlands.

The first major acquisition: Vega refinery – located in Ploiesti, Prahova.


Rompetrol Group took over Petros –Romania’s main oilfield operator at that time. The company was renamed Rompetrol Well Services.

The Group purchased Petromidia S.A. and committed to a modernization process to transform the refinery into a state-of-the-art facility in Eastern and Central Europe.


Rompetrol established Rominserv, the first Engineering Procurement Construction and Maintenance (EPCM) provider in Romania. The company inherited the know-how and technical capabilities of the former Construction, General Supervision and Contracting Department of the state-owned company, Rompetrol.


Rompetrol Petrochemicals, the petrochemical division, was created within the Petromidia platform.

Rompetrol opened the first retail subsidiaries abroad: Rompetrol Moldova and Rompetrol Bulgaria.


The Rompetrol Group started to develop its distribution network in Romania. To improve the distribution of fuels, the company added fuel depots to the retail network in various regions of the country (Arad, Craiova, Mogosoaia, Zarnesti, Vatra-Dornei, Constanta).


Rompetrol Rafinare was listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).
The Group established the trading division of oil and petroleum products named Vector Energy AG (currently KazMunayGas Trading AG).


The company expanded its fuel distribution network in Georgia – Rompetrol Georgia.


The first major acquisition of the Rompetrol Group on the European markets: Dyneff, the largest independent fuel distributor on the French market.


NC KazMunayGas JSC, the National Oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan, acquired 75% of the Rompetrol Group N.V. shares.


The company commissioned its own offshore terminal for crude oil in Midia Port, the Black Sea.

An ambitious investment plan of modernization and upgrade started in Petromidia refinery, in a very difficult economic environment, especially for the refining industry.


NC KazMunayGas JSC took over the remaining 25% of the Rompetrol Group N.V. shares.


TRG Petrol TICARET A.S.was established in Turkey as a Rompetrol subsidiary,with a view to expand operations and enter new highly prospective markets.


Petromidia refinery modernization and upgrade program is finalized following an investment of over 380 million USD. Petromidia became the biggest refinery in Romania with a total capacity of over 5 million tons/year and one of the most modern in South-Eastern Europe.


The new concept of filling station was launched in Romania, followed by the rebranding of the entire distribution network of the Group.

The Business Transformation Program (Change for Good) started to be implemented within the Group. The program targets to improve the overall efficiency of the Group in Romania and in the countries of the Black Sea region.


The Rompetrol Group N.V. was renamed into KMG International N.V. Changing the name was part of the integration process of all activities and transactions within NC KazMunayGas JSC (KMG), the Group’s sole shareholder, the company being the sole international acquisition of Kazakhstan.


KMG International sold 51% shares in the Dyneff group of companies which has activities in France and Spain.


It was a banner year for improvement, from all aspects of our operations but also about the record level of the environment protection indicators - lowest energy consumption, lowest technological loss or emissions.

From a financial perspective, 2016 was a remarkable year as well. Rompetrol ended the year with an operating income of $239 Million USD, the highest ever recorded in company history.


A milestone in the Group’s progress, due to the records achieved and consolidation of Group activities, which transformed the company into a regional leader. The objective of the company is to develop the activities in Romania and the Black Sea region and also to expand on potential markets.


In terms of key production indicators, 2018 was the best out of more than 10 years of KMG International existence. In the medium term, we intend to double the net profit indicator, to continue implementing NC KazMunayGas strategy for expanding its presence on the international market and to increase the shareholder value of the entire KMG group of companies.


We have celebrated the 40th anniversary of Petromidia Refinery, one of our core assets along with its best operational performance to date, more than 6 million tons of feedstock processed.

We have marked the first steps in developing the Smart Refinery concept, by implementing Advanced Process Control (APC). We are actively identifying and implementing digital solutions meant to optimize production, while mitigating the impact on the environment. 


The Group completed a successful turnaround of the refinery during the pandemic lockdown and moved into a 4 year turn around cycle. It was completed in 45 days with no COVID cases due to unprecedented safety measures.


The Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (FIEKR) has started the construction of the cogeneration plant on the Petromidia platform, an investment of about USD 148 million.

This investment represents an important step in the consolidation and development of the energy sector in Romania, at the highest technological standards.


The company celebrates 15 years since KazMunayGas, the National Oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan, took over the majority of shares.


Rompetrol brings for the very first time in Romania a unique concept of station, designed to provide energy for both cars and drivers: the new hei coffee & gourmet restaurant.

An innovation in its category, hei coffee & gourmet promotes freshness, taste and quality, from design and lighting to single-origin coffee or gourmet Romanian and international dishes.