Definitions and Terms

Provider Commercial Company KMG International N.V. and /or other companies affiliated to the KMG INTERNATIONAL N.V., hereinafter referred to as “Rompetrol”

User – natural person / legal entity having or obtaining acces to the CONTENT, by means of the website, as well as to that of the websites of the companies affiliated to the Rompetrol Group and who has given its consent regarding the specific clauses of using the site from the Terms and Conditions section

Website and the website of the companies affiliated to the KMG International Group


- The whole content of the website including, but not limited to – images, texts, graphics, symbols, web design elements, interface, audio/video clips, editorial content, and the script and software used to implement the Website are all owned by Rompetrol and can be exclusively used only for its use;
- Any information communicated, by any means of communication, by an employee/collaborator of Rompetrol to the User, as per the contact information specified or not by the latter;
- Information on the Fuel and/or tariffs applied by Rompetrol in a certain period;
- Data concerning Rompetrol, or other privileged data hereof;
- Rompetrol guarantees the user limited acces, in its own interest, on this website and does not give the right to download or to partially or entirely modify the website, to partially or entirely copy, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of Rompetrol;


- Rompetrol owns the property rights on all the aspects of the website;
- Rompetrol may restrict certain abusive components from those accessing the software;
- Rompetrol may limit its liability to the user;
- Rompetrol cannot be held liable for the estimations, financial information and those regarding the capital market as this is provided for information purposes only. Rompetrol shall update this information on a regular basis, but for objective reasons, there may by cases where the information is not up-to-date;
- Rompetrol cannot be held liable by the persons deciding to use this information without verifying it against authorized sources.

Acceptance of the Website Terms and Conditions of Use

- By using th e website the User accepts and agrees to be bound and comply with these Terms and conditions of use, in the last version updated, published on the website starting from the date of posting;Rompetrol may, at any moment, amend the Website Terms and Conditions of use, these being opposable to the Users as of the date of posting.

Processing of Your personal data
- Rompetrol guarantees, under the conditions of the law, to keep the confidentiality of the User’s personal data and observe the latter’s right to the protection of private life, with regards to the processing of its personal data. This obligation does not apply to the information deliberately disclosed by the User to third parties.

Personal data category and Purpose of the personal data processing

- Rompetrol shall process, for the purpose of providing the services by means of the website respectively accessing, running and developing the website, for marketing, publicity and commercial communication purposes.
- The personal data obtained directly from the user, if the latter creates an User Account, are: Name, first name, email address, telephone number, IP address, financial data, employer company;
- The user is informed that the data mentioned under paragraph 5.1., letter a) above is necessary with a view to providing the website and which shall be collected and processed by Rompetrol to this end. The refuse of the User for the processing of this data is equivalent to the impossibility for providing the service by means of the website and exempts Rompetrol of any liability to this end.

Log-in data

- Like many other controllers, we collect the information your browser sends whenever you visit our website ("Log in data").
- This journal data may include information such as the IP address of your electronic device, the type of browser, the version of the browser, the pages you visit on the website, the time and date of your visit, the amount of time spent on those pages and other statistics.
- In addition, we may use third party services, such as Google Analytics, that collect, monitor and analyze this type of information for marketing and publicity purposes.
- The buyer agrees for the personal data obtained on the User, by Rompetrol, to be processed by Rompetrol and its affiliates in the interest of service provision for marketing and publicity purposes, for the performance of statistical reports and for the improvement of services. The information may be disclosed to third party proxies for the fulfillment of the processing purposes, having the express consent of the User for the transfer of data to third parties.
- Rompetrol shall keep the confidentiality of all information provided by you regardless of its nature. Disclosure of such information provided can only be made under the conditions of this Document.
- No public statement, advertising, press release or any other disclosure method to third parties will not be made by the User with regards to the website without the prior written consent of the Provider.

Rights on personal data protection

- The user has the right to the protection of its personal data, such as this is regulated by art. 13, art. 15-22 of GDPR and namely: right to information, right of access to the personal data, right of rectification and erasure of data, right of restriction of data processing, right of portability, right of opposition and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. 
- Concurrently, the User shall have the right to address the competent courts of law for the protection of any rights guaranteed by GDPR, without prejudice to the possibility of submitting a complaint to the supervisory authority.
- For exercising any of the aforementioned rights, the submission of an application to the attention of Rompetrol is sufficient.
- Further details regarding these rights may be found in the Data Protection and Security Policy which is available for access here or on the website
- For exercising these rights, the User may address a written application to the attention of Rompetrol at the email address:  [email protected], or by phone, at 0800 0800 08 / 12.

Personal data recipients

- Rompetrol reserves the right to authorize another person to perform, on its account and behalf, any of the obligations in these Terms and Conditions. The User is informed that Rompetrol may transfer the rights and obligations incumbent upon it as per these Terms and Conditions to another company within the Rompetrol Group in EU/EEA or to other empowered persons.
- The transfer shall be made with a view to ensuring the functionality of the website, your data being thus available for access by the services providers of Rompetrol in EU/SEE, such as gas stations’ administration agencies, website developers, PR and marketing agencies having the capacity of empowered persons as per the law on personal data protection (GDPR).
- In the interest of complying with legal provisions, we may, at any moment, disclose any information necessary to state authorities or other recipients.

Personal data security

- Rompetrol implements the appropriate technical and organizational measures in compliance with the law on personal data protection in the interest of observing the legitimacy principles of the personal data processing operations and preventing security incidents which can lead, accidentally or illegaly, to the destruction, loss, modification or unauthorized disclosure of the personal data transferred, stored or processed in another manner or to the unauthorized access thereto. 
- Personal data is disclosed solely to the authorized persons, under conditions set by the appropriate technical and organizational procedures for the preservation of the confidentiality of personal data, for the protection against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, disclosure or unauthorized access, as per the law.
- The purpose of data processing is to inform the clients, by a myriad of means of communication (mail, email, SMS, or other means of communication) with regards to the carrying out of the campaigns or other marketing and publicity actions organized by ROMPETROL and/or by its partners.


- The security of your personal information is of utmost importance for us, but do not forget that neither Internet transfer method or electronic storage method is not 100 % safe. Whilst we are making efforts in using commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee absolute security.

Links to other websites

- Our service may contain links to third party websites or services which are not in the property or under the control of Rompetrol.
- Rompetrol has no control and does not undertake any responsibility for the content, confidentiality policies or practices of the websites or web services of certain third parties. By the herein you agree that Rompetrol will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any prejudice or loss caused or presumed to be caused by or in connection with such content, products or Services available on or through these websites or services.


- This website is under the control of Rompetrol and its affiliates. By accessing this website, the Users accept that any litigation related to it shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Romanian law and submitted for settlement by the Courts of general jurisdiction in Romania. 
- The Users confirm to having read and accept the terms and conditions stipulated herein. The Use of the Service involves accepting these terms and conditions in full. 
- In order to use this website, we kindly ask you to read attentively and give your consent as to the following terms and conditions. Concurrently, we ask you to please mark correspondingly the two ticks:

I accept the terms and conditions of use of the website

I agree to the processing of personal data

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- Should you have any queries as to these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at the email address: [email protected].  If you do not consent to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.