Rompetrol has learnt from its people and partners to:

Look beyond the constraints of conventional thinking and always to innovate

Care about and be responsible for the people and the environment where all its ‘activities take place

Be revolutionary and look beyond traditional ways of doing business

Be passionate about everything it does

We have the same destination. Together, we make the road easier!

We share the same ride for over 40 years.
You have always challenged us to innovate and offer quality products. Let’s be proud of our achievements.
Together we make the road easier!

Because we move forward together, we have become an important industrial pillar in Romania. We support this tradition through extensive investment projects.

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Because we move forward together, we managed to overcome the difficult moments. We will remain together and invest in the future.

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Innovation is in our brand

Rompetrol brand is a path breaker in its field, using technology to offer the best solutions to our clients:  
  • the first virtual loyalty card integrated into a mobile application on the local market.  
  • unique provider of the innovative service Fill&Go, payment at the pump and integrated fleet management system. 
  • the first company who introduced the first fuel that has the highest maximum octane number on the Romanian fuel market. 

Resilience during Covid 19

We thank you for being with us and we want to assure you that both our employees and our customers are safe. It is our responsibility to take all necessary precautions.

Rompetrol has immediately implemented a series of preventive measures amid the spread of the new COVID-19 virus worldwide.
The aim was to protect and ensure the safety of employees, collaborators and customers, to ensure the continuity of activities and to minimize the risks of interruption in fuel production and distribution flows.

Measures have been adopted within the workspaces (administrative buildings, depots, gas stations, refineries) at the level of our subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova. 

All contact surfaces are sanitized every hour.

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We provide our customers with single use gloves for refueling at pumps.

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We supply our shops in the gas stations with products suitable for the needs of current days.
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Serving and payment areas are secured with partition panels.


With the Fill & Go service, our customers have #zerocontact, the payment for the fuel can be done directly at the pump. We also encourage payment with the card for in store purchases. 
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We make sure that our employees comply with all safety rules and recent recommendations of the authorities.

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We are responsible for the health and safety of our employees and customers! We all have to follow and respect the requirements and recommendations of the authorities.

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At the level of production units (the refineries - Petromidia and Vega), there are new strict rules to keep our employees safe, complying with measures adopted by authorities.
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We are confident that together we will be able to get forward!

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