Rompetrol has learnt from its people and partners to:

Believe in a sustainable future, where individuals are the most important source of energy

Contribute to a better society through ongoing investments in tech, health, education, and culture

Look beyond the constraints of conventional thinking and always to innovate

Care about and be responsible for the people and the environment where all its activities take place

Be revolutionary and look beyond traditional ways of doing business

Be passionate about everything it does

We have the same destination: to make a difference together, by actively involving in our society

We share the same ride for over 40 years.

You have always challenged us make the best use of today and turn the future into more than a promise. Let’s continue to join our forces and energies.

Together, we can grow tomorrow into a sustainable living.

Because we move forward together, our approach to sustainability continues to evolve through innovative projects. We are committed to provide affordable energy and a better tomorrow for the generations to come, with respect to the environment, people and communities.

Because we move forward together, we’ve been able to generate over 10,000 jobs, support the national economy through taxes and social contributions, and provide our customers with top quality products, aligned to the best sustainability practices in our gas stations.

Because we move forward together, today we can ensure energy security locally and in the region, while constantly contributing to the environmental preservation through state-of-the-art technology and green projects.

Because we move forward together, our trading and supply chain activity is backed-up by special measures to protect the marine environment and avoid any kind of incidents.

Innovation is in our brand

Rompetrol brand is a path breaker in its field, using technology to offer the best solutions to our clients:  
  • the first virtual loyalty card integrated into a mobile application on the local market
  • unique provider of the innovative service Fill&Go, payment at the pump and integrated fleet management system
  • the first company who introduced the first fuel that has the highest maximum octane number on the Romanian fuel market
  • efix S Diesel 55, the fuel with the highest cetane number on the Romanian market
  • the first restaurant in a filling station, offering a diverse coffee & gourmet menu

This is just the beginning. We are confident that by standing together and sharing the same values, we can do even more for the future; we can turn it from a promise into a place where people are the most valuable energy source.

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