From energy stations to integrated service centers

The Retail Division of the group operates the gas station networks in Romania and the Black Sea region, with Rompetrol being the first Romanian energy company to expand regionally.

The evolution of the Rompetrol brand can be seen in both product diversification and the constant innovation brought to the concept of the distribution stations. This development is based on the changing needs of consumers, from simple refueling to maximizing the time spent at gas stations, by solving as many daily needs as possible.

These innovations, which the group tests and implements in a highly competitive market, are introduced in the countries where the company has subsidiaries, thus consolidating its regional market share.
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 Extended network of over 1400 sales points in Europe;

Artboard 15 copy 12 Innovative concept of the retail station;

Artboard 15 copy 12 Efix, the fuel brand of certified quality;

Artboard 15 copy 12 The most extensive LPG distribution network in Romania;

Artboard 15 copy 12 Rompetrol Go, an innovative payment solution, with credit card and pre-payment options, and points awarded for every car fuel;

Artboard 15 copy 12 Fill&Go - an integrated fleet management system in Romania and Bulgaria;

Artboard 15 copy 12 77 electric charging points in 29 stations in Romania;

Artboard 15 copy 12 Rompetrol operates a total of 27 self-service car washes.

The Rompetrol's stations in the four countries (Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Georgia) deliver fuels exclusively refined at the Petromidia refinery, which is an important supplier in the region.

The company's own network offers the advantage of ensuring controlled quality, from the well to the tank, allowing customers to enjoy safety in their travels.

Rompetrol in Romania

Unique concepts, integrated services, and expanding the hei brand
Developing the distribution network is a priority for Rompetrol.
This is an important direction of the Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund.

The mission of this fund is to implement projects in the energy sector, contributing to the development of the Romanian energy sector and creating added value for its shareholders - KMG International N.V. and the Administration Company of  Participation in Energy (SAPE). All new distribution stations will operate under the Rompetrol brand.

In 2013, a new exterior design for the stations was launched, which was improved in 2019 by adapting the exterior appearance and optimizing the space dedicated to food products, with focus on the hei brand.

​​​​​​​The structural and visual elements have a minimalist format and emphasize the hei brand, announcing the development of a range of fresh products prepared in the station.

The new visual communication elements, digital screens, and technologies used are state-of-the-art and represent Rompetrol's constant effort to implement market trends.
Starting in 2023, Rompetrol is upgrading its distribution stations by opening the first large-scale stations within service centers on the A1 highway, introducing two unique concepts on the Romanian market.

The retail strategy in Romania is based
on 3 development directions

1. Expansion of the Rompetrol station network, both through the construction of new stations and the opening of new franchises.

The stations on the A1 highway (Sibiu - Nadlac) bring together under a new concept generous spaces dedicated to the restaurant, café, and shop areas.

Rompetrol is the first station network with a restaurant, and in order to strengthen this type of service centers, Rompetrol has strategic partnerships with well-known retailers.

One of them is with KFC, which has inaugurated three spaces in the vicinity of Rompetrol gas stations in Pecica, Orastie, and Giarmata.

The new stations are part of an investment package of 12 service centers that the Fund will open on the A1 highway in 2023.

2. Strengthening Rompetrol's position on the retail market by developing its current offers in the shops of the stations and restaurants, while also developing the hei brand through the creation of three distinct service lines:

hei&gourmet for assisted service with restaurant-style dishes

hei&go for products from the shop

hei&coffee for coffee, pastry, and sandwiches

Also, included in the second pillar is the expansion of the hei franchise for the network of stations operated under franchise (Partner stations).

3. Digitizing activities, especially those involving customer interaction.
The high adoption rate of our loyalty program "rompetrolgo", supported by the Rompetrol app, shows the customers' need to integrate technology into their daily routine.

New gas station concept in numbers

Total area:
  • Exterior: between 4,500 and 6,000 square meters
  • Interior: between 400 and 600 square meters
Number of employees: between 45 and 66 per station
  • Dedicated areas for a shop, children's play area, spaces for mothers with children, and facilities for people with disabilities;
  • Fast charging stations for electric cars, green spaces, and parking.
Total investment: approximately 3.5 million USD per station.

Green energy - electric charging stations and solar panels

The first electric charging stations were implemented by Rompetrol starting in 2017, anticipating the need to offer sustainable alternatives and constantly implementing new ways to reduce the impact on the environment: solar panels, vapor recovery systems, and LED lighting systems to save energy.

Currently we have 61 electric vehicle charging points, in 25 stations.

Rompetrol implements e-Mobility project

KMG Rompetrol Development SRL, as Beneficiary, signed a financing agreement with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) for the implementation of the project "Development of Rompetrol's alternative fuel infrastructure on A1 highway at the RO - HU border" funded under the financing instrument "Mechanism for the Interconnection of Europe" (CEF - Transport) 2021-2027.

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Today, we have 85 points available for electric vehicle charging through the e-Charge platform, located in 29 fuel distribution stations.
See the locations here

The electric charging stations have the following capacity:

- 50 kW DC; it can charge an EV battery up to 80% in about 40 minutes
- up to 150 kW DC; it can charge an EV battery up to 80% in about 30 minutes

Charging is provided through two types of connectors:

- CCS (Combined Charging System)
- CHAdeMO (CHARge de Move - a fast DC charging standard, mainly supported by Japanese and French car manufacturers)

Rompetrol customers can make payments through the e-Charge app.

Using the app, they can also check the availability of the charging station at a certain location/area and the rates for charging their electric vehicles.

The local distribution company, Rompetrol Downstream, operates over 1,250 fuel retail points, consisting of its own Rompetrol stations, Partner Rompetrol stations, as well as mobile stations - Rompetrol Express, and internal bases (tanks of 9 and 20 cubic meters located within companies in various industries - transport, construction, agriculture, etc.).
Over the years, Rompetrol established partnerships with independent filling stations all over the country to develop the Rompetrol Partner network. 

Due to the investment in the retail visual identity and in equipment, these filling stations operate according to Rompetrol standards and deliver only fuels produced by the Petromidia refinery.
To cover rural areas, the company first designed Expres mobile stations and then the Fill&Go Fixed Unit concept, tanks of 9 cbm and 20 cbm installed on the premises of car-fleet owning companies.

Rompetrol Downstream coordinates the activity of 6 warehouses located strategically in Arad, Craiova, Mogosoaia, Simleu Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei and Zarnesti, ensuring the fuel distribution flow countrywide.

The largest LPG retail network in Romania and one of the biggest exporters

Rompetrol operates in Romania 6 fuel depots, over 280 auto LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) stations, and more than 7,000 distribution points for LPG/Rompetrol household cylinders. Additionally, the company has three plants located in Pantelimon (for GPL production), Arad, and Bacau (for cylinders and GPL production), with a total capacity of 60,000 tons per year.

The main products of Rompetrol Gas are Cylinders, Auto LPG and Propane.

The LPG produced at  Petromidia is distributed on the Romanian market and neighboring countries, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova and other Balkan countries.

Rompetrol Moldova and Rompetrol Bulgaria operate 129 LPG stations.

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Sustainable development

The Group’s Retail unit has dedicated Environmental Management, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management programs implemented, which are updated annually or when needed (should any legislative requirements change).

The development strategy of Rompetrol Downstream and Rompetrol Gas for the upcoming period targets the sustainable development of activities and the acquisition of environmentally friendly technologies and equipment:

  • Implementation of photovoltaic panels in our gas stations
  • Extension of electrical charging network
  • Maintenance of the internal light open/light close program
  • Continued development of LED light installment into totems and canopies
  • Selective collection of waste packing at national level
  • VOC equipment replacement and additional technological equipment for storage in Rompetrol Downstream depots
220,704 m3 water withdrawn & discharged
1,224.17 tons CO2 – total SCOPE 1 emissions
7,278 total SCOPE 2 emissions
9,779.25 total SCOPE 3 emissions
7090.85 tons of waste
685.94 tons total recovered waste
The company uses packaging management suppliers & specialized in the selective collection of packaging waste
No incidents regarding pipeline nor accidents from rail transportation
Every year, local authorities carry out SEVESO inspections on the 6 depots operated by Rompetrol Downstream
90% implementation of automation of fire extinguishing systems in warehouses
100% implementation in gas stations


Rompetrol in the Black Sea region

Rompetrol brand started the regional journey in 2002 by entering on the Bulgarian and Moldovan markets. From initial wholesale distribution, the company developed the retail distribution supplying the fuels from the Petromidia refinery.

In 2005, the Rompetrol brand began the development plans in Georgia.


The quality of fuels, the security of stocks supply and also the innovative services consolidated the brand over the years, Rompetrol being perceived as a quality European brand.


Our local subsidiaries are also reliable companies, contributing to the local budgets and being a valuable employer in each country.


During the pandemic, all our retail companies have provided fuels and support for the local authorities to help communities where we operate.

Rompetrol Georgia

Rompetrol Georgia is well known on the market as a high-quality fuel distributor and one of the leading fuel companies, providing Euro 5 products from Petromidia refinery.

The company coordinates a network of 67 filling stations and 2 fuel depots. The achievements of the network are based on the quality of the fuels and services introduced by Rompetrol Georgia on the local market in 2013: Efix S, a Euro 5 premium fuel and the Fill & Go system, an innovative solution on the local market.

Apart from the fuel network, the company carries out wholesale activities through the depot in Batumi port (28,500 cbm), as well as through the Tbilisi depot which has been completely modernized, increasing the storage capacity from 9,000 to 10,000 tons.

Rompetrol Moldova

Rompetrol Moldova operates a network of 95 stations with 85 affiliated shops and two fuel depots, one located in Chisinau.

Through the two fuel depots in Chisinau and Giurgiulesti, the
Rompetrol Moldova has become the largest supplier of oil products in Republic of Moldova, with a market share of around 40% in the wholesale segment and over 27% in retail.

All fuels sold in the stations are imported exclusively from Petromidia. Rompetrol Moldova has the largest coverage in the city of Chisinau, with half of the total stations located in the capital, being the leader in this area compared to other major players on the petroleum products market in the Republic of Moldova.

Rompetrol Moldova is an important local employer, with over 1,000 jobs provided.

Rompetrol Bulgaria

Rompetrol Bulgaria EAD has a current network of 58 fuel stations and one fuel depot.

The subsidiary operates a 5,800 cu.m. storage facility in Ruse, along the Danube river, which uses the latest technologies in the field of oil product management and environmental protection.

A Biodiesel Blending unit was installed within the company depot in Ruse. The purpose of this installation is to blend the diesel with bio components locally. The rail, naval and road loading facilities of the terminal ensure smooth wholesale operations throughout the Bulgarian market.