Rompetrol aims to responsibly grow its business to become one of the largest independent oil companies in Europe, with a strong position in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions. The Group conducts its operations in compliance with all available national and international regulations, constantly driving performance and generating operational improvements so as to benefit its wide range of stakeholders.

Our global strategy provides comprehensive directions on developing our customer and operational strategic priorities as we work with customers and suppliers to ensure responsible business operations. In accordance with Rompetrol’s major player status in the oil and gas industry in the region, we continually drive performance improvements and change to positively impact all our stakeholders.

Supply Chain

We are committed to conducting business with ethical and socially responsible suppliers for procurement of goods, services and activities.

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We constantly monitor our trading and supply chain activities that cover three major business areas:
  • feedstock acquisition
  • planning and production optimization of the three refineries of the group
  • volumes allocation and logistics for all subsidiaries in Romania and in The Black Sea and Mediterranean regions
We are committed to conducting business with ethical and socially responsible suppliers for procurement of goods, services and activities.
Rompetrol has developed an extensive, efficient and sustainable supply chain network which covers the purchase of feedstock, planning and production optimization, allocation of volumes and overall logistics for the Group’s subsidiaries.
We base our procurements on competitive bidding and the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and equal treatment of bidders. Rompetrol’s Procurement Department works continuously to make our operations sustainable, being aware of the importance of social justice and environmental protection.
We are committed to using suppliers that operate consistently in accordance with our values, comply with applicable nationallaws and meet Rompetrol requirements for suppliers in the areas of HSE, quality management systems, ethics and anticorruption, and corporate social responsibility, including human rights and labor standards.
Having such a complex and well developed supply chain, managing and monitoring compliance with our standards in this area can become challenging.

Quality and customer management

Rompetrol seeks to provide environmental, social and economic value through its products and services by constantly appraising and improving its portfolio in line with market demand and customer input.

Guided by our passion for quality and innovation, we embed sustainability into every aspect of our activity pertaining to product and service development.
Customer and employee satisfaction, surveyed annually by Rompetrol through extensive market studies, always play a significant role in the development of the company’s business plan, offer and marketing activities.

We maintain trusted and long-term business relationships with many of our customers.
The satisfaction of our customers is a key element of what we do.