People of Great Achievements

Get to know them better

Nana lamanidze

Head of Human Resources,

Rompetrol Georgia, Tbilisi

"Nothing gets old in this company. It has been 6 years since I am part of the Rompetrol’ s big international family, and I didn’t lose my ambition. I still have curiosity for new discoveries, new achievements and self-development."

Boris Bucur

General Manager, Rompetrol Energy, Bucharest

"I like what I do and the job fits me. Most of the colleagues are passionate about what they do and we share similar values. I am motivated by complex projects."

Adriana Grigorescu

Commercial Director,
Rompetrol Downstream, Bucharest  

"Rompetrol is the place where I evolved both professionally and personally. It is a vey good business school and it is my second family.."

Alexandru Badea

Sales Operations Regional Manager, Rompetrol Downstream, Baia Mare

"Rompetrol is the place where I spent the last 17 years of my life, where I grew up and developed near valuable people who supported me and always had faith in me. Rompetrol is like a second home for me."

Sandro Andguladze

Category Specialist, Rompetrol Georgia, Tbilisi

" I came in Rompetrol by winning a competition. I started the internship program in HR department and after my internship, I was promoted to Category Specialist position in the Shop Department. I like taking part in organizing company corporate events. The idea of being all of us together fuels me more than professional achievements."

Andra Ștefaniuc

Business Analytics Development Manager,
KMG Rompetrol, Bucharest

"Since joining Rompetrol in 2012, one key thing I've learned is that every one of my successes has been directly connected to my efforts and to someone who has taken a risk on me."

Andreea Negru

Financial and Enterprise Risk Management Director, KMG Rompetrol, Bucharest

"My entire professional career is defined by Rompetrol. In almost 11 years, I learned to understand what a corporation means, to evolve, to want more, to enjoy results, not to be discouraged if I encounter obstacles and especially, to never stop!"

Assem Mazova

Chief Manager of the KMG Rompetrol Representative Office, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

"Rompetrol is like a family to me. I have made a lot of friends here."


Claudiu Batutu

Process Engineer, Rompetrol Rafinare, Navodari

"Rompetrol is my second home. It is also the industry in which I wanted to work since I was 16 years old. It represents my motivation to get where I planned out to be and last but not least, it represents the place where I am evolving as a person, as well as as a chemical engineer."

Adrian Țiclete

Assistant Pilot, Mooring and Loading Master,
Midia Marine Terminal, Navodari

"I had the chance to work in different international oil transport companies, to get in touch with other cultures, other mentalities, which definitely helped me in my career. But one thing is certain: I always knew that I would return to work at home, and Rompetrol gave me the chance to fulfill my dream. Rompetrol is HOME for me."

Dragoș Duna

General Manager, Byron Shipping Romania, Navodari

"Rompetrol is special to me because I am also special to Rompetrol. It gave me a huge chance and - through its people - it gave me the opportunity to build and grow a business within the Group, starting from scratch."

Florea Georgian

Deputy General Manager, Rompetrol Well Services, Ploiesti

"It is the company that provided me with opportunities to grow professionally, to collaborate with a diversity of people and understand the organizational cultures from different parts of the oil and gas extractive industry."

Florentina Radu

Laboratory Supervisor, Rompetrol Quality Control, Navodari

"Rompetrol is my second family, I grew up here. My key personality trait that helped me overcome hardships is the self-confidence."

Holt Corneliu

Design Coordinator, Rominserv, Bucharest

"I have been working since 1967 in the equipment design in the chemical industry, and I consider that Rompetrol has the merit of having modernized the Petromidia refinery, which made it the main refinery in Romania."

Luciana Cuciureanu

Process Manager Services Improvement,
KMG Rompetrol Services Center, Bucharest

"Rompetrol is a school where you can learn and grow professionally both through it's business areas and through the people who are part of the great Rompetrol family."

Uteva Madina

Deputy Group Planning and Performance Management Director, KMG Rompetrol, Bucharest

"I am a lucky person to be a part of such a team in Rompetrol, who always supports and helps. Moreover, we always practice knowledge sharing in order to improve ourselves in the professional area."

Malik Tulekov

Finance Director,
Rompetrol Georgia, Tbilisi

"The biggest achievement so far is of course the achieved experience, knowledge and working with the smartest people."


Dragoș Teodorescu

Health and Safety Specialist,
Rompetrol Rafinare, Navodari

"Rompetrol gives you the opportunity to be an innovator, to develop projects which will have a positive impact on your colleagues and on the company. "

Măndoiu Lucian

Sales Operations Regional Manager,
Rompetrol Downstream, Bucharest

"Rompetrol is special for me, because I don’t have just a job, it is rather an opportunity to learn constantly, to relate and to evolve."


Tamar Ramishvili

Chief Accountant,
Rompetrol Georgia, Tbilisi

"Rompetrol culture creates a safe and reliable environment, where everyone is valued and plays their own role in writing the Company success story. "


Ștefan Rabonțu

IT Business Intelligence Manager,
KMG Rompetrol, Bucharest

"Tradition is hard wired into my core values. Rompetrol has traditions, confidence and history. In a word, it’s a big family. This year, I have been working here for 18 years. "