Together We Grow

The Rompetrol Internship program was launched 23 years ago, thus Rompetrol became one of the first companies to identify the opportunity of attracting and developing young professionals in the Energy industry. This program helps us bridge two worlds, the young and energetic with experienced leaders. Over 1,600 graduates attended Rompetrol’s Internship programs and more than half of them became our colleagues in various areas. In 2023 we launched our Program under a new identity – Together We Grow – Rompetrol Traineeship Program.

Digital Summer – Rompetrol Traineeship Program

Digital Summer – Rompetrol Traineeship Program is a new initiative launched in 2023 with the purpose to bring new talent in the organization in fields such as IT Operations, IT Security, Digital Transformation, needed to strengthen our services, enhance digitalization and improve overall efficiency. At the same time, we provide local talent with an opportunity to grow within our organization and develop the next generation of IT&C and digital professionals. 

The program takes place during June-September 2023 in our locations from Bucharest and Năvodari and, in addition to the practical experience, our Trainees also participate in workshops dedicated to their personal development. 

Our doors are open for you to discover the energy industry

Check out the video of how 100 students from 6 Romanian universities were our guests at Petromidia. They came eager to learn more about the refining industry and their curiosity was rewarded. They had the opportunity to visit the maritime terminal, the Petromidia refinery and one of our gas stations.

Knowledge Transfer

We invite you to learn from our best experts. The knowledge transfer program is designed to facilitate a smooth generational transition. We value the concept of sharing of knowledge and technical skills towards the new generation of professionals.

Educate, Inspire & Change!