We are part of a large community and we trust our mission to provide support through financial investments and know-how so our stakeholders from the areas of our operations can benefit from a continuous, long-term and sustainable development. We work in close partnership with NGOs, local authorities and other actors to identify needs which can be covered by Rompetrol.
The legal and financial framework to provide support to communities is the sponsorship agreement.

We focus on the following key areas:


The health and safety of our members of the community is equally important to us just as much as the health and safety of our employees. We extend our care towards our stakeholders and invest in hospitals, support for medical personnel and NGOs providing specialized assistance to patients (both medical and palliative care at home or at the hospitals). We provide equipment, medical devices, uniforms, fuel, protective garments – all that is necessary to support the medical act.


We monitor the impact of our operations and invest in modern and environmental-friendly technologies. Our planet is our legacy for the future generations and we support forestation and innovative green energy solutions (such as but not limited to solar panels for schools, medical units etc.).


Our partnerships with Universities in Constanta and Prahova ensure our future generations of highly performing employees, but we also look at rural areas and provide tools for disadvantaged children to remain enrolled and continue school (for example we provided in 2020 the technical infrastructure to a number of schools in Constanta so children have access to online education in the tough pandemic context).


We have been supporting the landmark George Enescu International Festival and Contest for more than 10 years.

Community support during the pandemic

We granted support in fuel and financial means exceeding 2 million USD to better manage the outcome of the pandemic and keep people safe.
Below we mention some of our initiatives.

We are proactively involved and support our communities in a variety of ways and respond to questions and concerns in a timely and transparent manner. This is why we work closely with our local partners, in order to find out their needs and help them succeed.
Our projects aim at leaving a mark on the communities and making a change, whether it is about health and well‑being, culture and education, skill development and leadership, or social and environmental stewardship.


Partnership with SMURD

Rompetrol has continued to be actively involved in supporting the Romanian health system over the past 15 years, by strengthening its long-term partnership with Mobile Emergency Service SMURD and the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU).

Over the years, Rompetrol has invested in the partnership with SMURD, in fuel for medical helicopters, uniforms for volunteers, medical equipment, rehabilitation and equipment of several medical units so that the members of the communities in which the Group operates can benefit from quality medical services.

Mobile intensive care unit

In 2020, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the Group bought, in partnership with the Romanian National Red Cross Society, a mobile intensive care unit with 12 beds, which was donated to ISU/SMURD, as part of the strategic reserve for civil protection. This fully equipped unit can be used anywhere in the country during the pandemic, but also later in situations of calamity or disaster, and aims to increase the capacity of hospitals to care for patients at high standards.

SMURD mobile training centers

We donated two mobile training centers to SMURD, to be used in training programs and emergency medical assistance for SMURD paramedics (in 2018).

Reagents to identify the genes of covid-19

Reagents to identify the genes of covid-19

Through the Foundation for SMURD, Rompetrol supported the activity of the national reference laboratory of Cantacuzino Institute with the necessary reagents to identify the genes of covid-19 virus affecting the population of Romania (genome analysis to identify the specificity and potential genetic mutations).

Donation of 6 ATI beds

Through the Foundation for SMURD, we donated 6 beds, with all the intensive care unit medical equipment for the County Hospital of Constanta, Matei Bals Hospital in Bucharest, and Ploiesti County Hospital.

Support for the healthcare system

We equipped the Regional Transfusion Center in Constanta with new equipment that increased the technical capacity of the blood center – a platelet agitator and a hemomixer, indispensable devices for any blood transfusion centers, designed to ensure compliance of activities performed by the center.

Through the partnership with Dăruieşte Aripi Association, we donated in 2020 37,000 liters of fuel to the Constanta Ambulance Service, for providing emergency assistance, medical transport and emergency medical aid throughout Constanta county.

Funds for the purchase of medical devices, protective equipment and disinfectants for the Hospital from Campina (center for management and treatment of patients with coronavirus), Constanta Hospital for Infectious Diseases as well as Ploiesti County Hospital.

To help the activity of the hopitals, we have donated fuel for:

  • Colentina Hospital Bucharest,
  • Matei Bals Hospital Bucharest
  • Timisoara Military Hospital

We continue to get involved.

Together, the road is easier!

Soul Driver

In March 2020, the state of emergency began due to the pandemic, and in the medical crisis, children with oncological diseases faced major restrictions due to the high degree of risk.

The Magic Association and Rompetrol created Soul Driver, a project that mobilized a large community of volunteers with their own cars, to ensure the safe transport of children from their homes to hospitals and back homes. And Rompetrol has since provided the fuel needed to transport children in need of cancer treatment, thus helping families who already bear the burden of high medication costs.

Over 1.000.000 km traveled in total - a distance that exceeds a trip from Earth to the Moon

  • Over 250 volunteers involved in the project
  • More than 2500 children and accompanying parents
  • The longest distance for one road, for one patient: 1,908 km

See the story of its volunteers and beneficiaries



Partnership with Hospice Casa Speranței

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei offers both children and adults, who are diagnosed with an incurable disease, the possibility of being admitted in the accommodation facilities, the possibility of being visited at home, social assistance, psychological counseling, kinetotherapy sessions and other activities under the supervision of specialized staff in the day centers.

From 2013, Rompetrol and Hospice – Casa Sperantei have been partners in offering both children and adults better care and life conditions, developing together the infrastructure needed in order to do so.

Kindtap, an innovative donation device

In 2019, we introduced in our Rompetrol gas stations network in Romania the Kindtap, an innovative device that allows customers to make donations for HOSPICE Casa Sperantei with the help of contactless bank cards or smartphones.
Through our Run and Care annual running event we fundraise money or fuel to support various cases of NGOs across the country. In 2021, more than 2000 people, including Rompetrol employees and their families, attended the eighth edition of the Rompetrol Run and Care event, in order to support specializes palliative care at patients’ homes provided by Hospice Casa Sperantei and Soul Driver project provided by Magic Association. 13,650 kilometers were converted into liters of fuel, which were donated by Rompetrol to support the two causes.

Construction of MRI anesthesia room within the Bucharest Oncological Institute

In December 2020, Rompetrol and “Dăruieşte Aripi” Association completed the construction works and equipment of the MRI anesthesia room within the Bucharest Oncological Institute. The beneficiaries are hundreds of children from all over the country, hospitalized annually with oncological diseases, who thus avoid traveling to other hospitals and can complete the entire program of medical tests and specialized treatment in one place. MRI examination in young children was not possible before in the absence of an adequate space. The pediatric oncology department of this hospital is the largest in the country, MRI examination being essential in the decision on chemotherapy protocols, as well as in the disease monitoring process.


Teach for Romania partnership

Rompetrol supported 4 teachers enrolled in the primary and secondary education system from the Constanta county, which are part of the NGO’s program. They are role models and mentors for students from the partner schools in the region. By supporting them, children from vulnerable communities got access and exposure to an innovative learning environment, in order to be able to develop their interests and knowledge, while emphasis was put on career orientation, as well as core growth elements: literacy (functional literacy, digital/numeracy), emotional intelligence (values, self-esteem), leadership.

Chess in schools

 In 2021 thousands of children benefited from free chess textbooks for the first and second year of study, with the help of the Romanian Chess Federation and Rompetrol.

In Romania, chess is not a subject included in the school curriculum, but the benefits of the sport of the mind are obvious, helping children to have a logical thinking everyday life. Chess have undoubtable advantages also for the mental development of children, boosting their creativity and improving memorizing skills.

Support for the Romanian robotics team

Rompetrol has supported in 2021 the young and talented Robotics team of Romania during the international robotics championships in Russia, USA and their presence at EXPO Dubai. The team consists of high school children who are passionate about building robots and latest innovations in the field of robotics. The young champions won the 1st place at both championships in Nizhny Novgorod, Chicago and other international competitions.

Access to online education in rural areas from Constanta

Since March 2020, due to the pandemic, many children in rural areas have not had access to courses because the technical infrastructure was missing - schools without internet, without laptops, without learning support under the new conditions of online teaching.
We know that temporary school dropout can become permanent. 
Therefore, Rompetrol and the Daruieste Aripi Association support the development of the rural community through education, in order to offer children the chance to continue school in online format, when necessary. 3181 children from 14 schools in Constanța have now access to pedagogical support that ensures the continuity of the learning process in the classroom or at home.

Support for CONCORDIA Organization

In partnership with the Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA Rompetrol continues to support in Prahova County the activities of children protected in family-type homes and young people in social housing or enrolled in training courses. The financial help during the pandemic period covered the need for food, school supplies, clothing and footwear, social and medical assistance, psychological counseling and therapy, financial education, personal development and training skills for independent living for young people in the state protection system.

Internship program

Internship programs are part of our strategy to invest in human resources by combining practical work with learning experience and create the context to develop the skills of students and fresh graduates and identify the best candidates for employment.

In 2020 and 2021, the internship program took place online and onsite. As a novelty, the students  also went through the Leaders Explore program of Leaders Foundation, during which they could develop skills such as communication, empathy, adaptability and active listening.


“George Enescu” International Festival and Contest

The partnership signed in 2010 by Rompetrol and the organizers of the “George Enescu” Festival and Contest stands as a commitment to sustain the evolution of culture in Romania, with the participation of Romanian and international musicians.

The activities supported by Rompetrol within the 2021 edition of the Festival included its closing concert of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam which took place on September 26th. 

Being an anniversary edition and the longest edition in the history of the festival, it was also full of challenges because of the pandemic period. However, all the concerts within the festival took place with physical presence in the concert halls, and with online streaming available. 

In 2020, the first stages of George Enescu International Competition took place online, as Romania was under the pandemic lockdown, while the semifinal and final continued in May 2021 at the Romanian Athenaeum.

Kazakh Film Days

Rompetrol is actively involved in cultural programs and projects designed to promote the social and cultural values of Romania and Kazakhstan, both nationally and internationally. In this respect, bringing the Kazakh Film Days to Romania was appreciated by cinema goers. Taking into consideration the rich and proud history of Kazakhstan and its incredibly diverse population of over 130 ethnic groups, Rompetrol, together with the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, organized the Kazakh Film Days in Bucharest, an event that greatly contributed to the cultural exchange between the two countries.

Exhibit on the evolution of Vega Refinery

An exhibition presenting the evolution of the Vega refinery, an integral part of the history of Ploieşti as a city of “black gold” took place in Spring 2020, in the County Museum of Natural Sciences Prahova, the only cultural institution in Romania dedicated to oil. Through the information presented, through documents and three -dimensional objects from the museum’s patrimony, as well as through objects belonging to the Vega refinery, the exhibition presents important moments from the historical evolution of one of the oldest Romanian refineries.


Planting for a cleaner air

In 2021, we have continued to contribute to the growth of forested areas, by planting white poplars in Mănești and Blejoi, Prahova County, in partnership with Plantăm fapte bune în România. It is such a necessary measure to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by capturing CO2, to reduce soil erosion, increase water retention in the soil, and to reduce the effects of climate change and the conservation of flora and fauna species. In the autumn season, black and white poplar plantations are planned in Ploiesti city but also in other areas in Prahova.

Reforestation in Fagaras Mountains

In partnership with Agent Green, in 2019 we supported the reforestation of a surface of 20,000 square meters in the Făgăraş Mountains. Located at the edge of the Alpine plain, the area has been deforested 12 years ago, without further protection against erosion and drainage.

Civil Society Gala

During our long-term partnership, the Civil Society Gala and Rompetrol have awarded projects that changed lives, mentalities, expectations and attitudes, improving the overall well-being of countless local communities. Projects and programs implemented in previous years by non-profit, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups and individuals are included in the annual edition of the Civil Society Gala competition. This year we offered fuel cards to all 16 winners of the first prize at various categories of the competition, because only together we make the road ahead easier!