Rompetrol  contributes to the diversity of the Romanian industry

The petrochemicals division within Petromidia refinery is the sole supplier of polymers and provides more than half the necessary of petrochemical products for internal consumption in Romania.

Petromidia refinery supplies to petrochemicals units the entire quantity of polypropylene.

The varieties of polyolefins (polypropylene and polyethylene) produced by the Petromidia refinery are used in agriculture, the food industry and for a wide range of products, from FMCG, personal care, electronics and electrotechnics to the auto industry, textiles, and constructions.

The petrochemical division has 3 installations

One installation of polypropylene (PP) and 2 for polyethylene, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE), with a combined output of over 220,000 tons/year.

The company operates the only marine terminal for offloading ethylene at the Black Sea and the only cryogenic tank with a storage capacity of 10,000 tons.The petrochemicals division produces more than 30 special, niche varieties with added value..

Raw material for medical equipment

Rompetrol petrochemical division has developed a special type of polypropylene dedicated to protective medical masks.

It is used for the middle layer of the mask, the most important layer for filtering and protecting against pathogens.

The new type - RMB30H will be delivered in granules in bags of 25 kilograms and will be used in “meltblown” units - a conventional method of manufacturing micro and nanofibers.

Rompetrol produces and provides all the necessary types of products for obtaining type FPP1 and FPP2 sanitary and surgical masks and medical accessories.

The RSB25 (industrial applications), RSB35H and RSB40H (medical and personal hygiene applications) types are dedicated to obtaining nonwoven material for the outer layers of the protective masks, and RMB30H to obtaining nonwoven material for the inner/filtering layer of the masks.


Results H1 2021

In H1 2021, in the company's petrochemical segment there was processed 72 kt of propylene. The total production of polymers was 68 kt, and the sales volume was at the same level as in H1 2020 - 71 kt.

The results of the petrochemical division registered significant increases, as a result of the positive evolution of the quotations. The division's gross turnover was 115 million USD, and the net result was positive, 4.4 million USD.

Read more about the financial and operational results in S1 2021.

Results 2020 

The total polymer production in 2020 was 143 kt, increasing by 13% compared to 2019 when the total polymer production was 127 kt.

The increase in polymer production was mainly determined by the operating schedule of the LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plant in 2020. The division managed the successful development of a new product (RMB30H), a special type of polypropylene dedicated to the manufacturing of protective medical masks.

Read more about the financial and operational results in 2020

Highlights 2020

Artboard 15 copy 12 183 kt of feedstock processed

Artboard 15 copy 15 11.5 kt of polymer-grade propylene

Artboard 15 copy 21 301 $/mt conversion cost (LDPE production cost reached the
lowest level in Petrochemicals history of 191$/mt).

Artboard 15 copy 20 143 kt of polymers



One of the major sources of authority for Rompetrol Brand is Petromidia refinery, the pillar of the refining industry.

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The sole producer of normal hexane, bitumen and refined white spirit in Romania.

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