Learn about the many ways you can apply your skills to an exciting career at Rompetrol and how we create the best framework for your development


For you to have a smooth integration
Our Onboarding program is intended to integrate new employees smoothly into our organization and to help them become productive & achieve a broad understanding of our industry & processes, as quickly as possible.
Besides receiving all the logistic resources that you need for the new journey, the process of Onboarding begins with a training session about the Oil & Gas Industry and takes you through all the areas of our business, provides you with information regarding the security & safety at work, and so much more. In these sessions, you have the opportunity to directly interact with managers of key functions to understand better their mission in Rompetrol.

Management Development Program – leaders of tomorrow!

The main objective of this program is to develop strong leadership in the organization. The 2 years-cycle Management Development Program aims to improve the abilities & skills of our people and to guide them in developing their leadership potential through learning sessions on topics such as Influence and Negotiation, Practical Leadership, Impactful Data Presentation, Process Improvement, Productivity at Work.
Management Development graduation ceremony took place online in 2020. More than 100 of our colleagues participated in the last two years at training sessions designed to support them in diving into their personal & professional development and learned about the ways to consolidate their strengths to become successful leaders.”

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge sharing from one generation to another.
We invite you to learn from our best experts. The knowledge transfer program is designed to facilitate a smooth generational transition. We value the concept of “sharing” of knowledge and technical skills towards the new generation of professionals. Nothing is lost, everything is transferred. This program provides a framework to our future Retirees to transfer their knowledge and technical skills to nominated employees extending their expertise area and preparing them for taking on new roles.

Knowledge Builder

The platform to evolve professionally & change the environment around you!
An internal learning platform aimed to encourage the knowledge transfer from Rompetrol specialists such as refinery & economics, Retail & Marketing and Trading & Supply Chain business units to their colleagues willing to learn more or just better understand the business they are part of.
The “Knowledge Builder” program was developed as a learning platform (Business Academy) where employees can gain cross-functional business knowledge and understanding. The project’s goal is to prepare Rompetrol employees with all the skills and knowledge required to help them make informed decisions, based on the business specificities. The program is driven by a cross-functional team willing to share their vision, experience and expertise and provide a package of practical functional workshops related to managing the business within competitive markets.
Learn towards excellence through our Top E-Learning platform

Over 200 employees have access to a digital learning platform with unlimited access to more than 5,000 video courses covering business, creative and technology topics. The platform provides 240 curated learning paths and more than 800 industry experts chosen from around the world.

We believe in efficiency and optimization – hello, I am Timea!

In 2020 we have implemented a new tool of Human Resources, called Timea, dedicated to our employees. This new Hr Chatbot provides our employees with assistance 24/7 on HR related issues. At a click’s distance we want our employees to have easy and fast access to any admin HR questions.