Rompetrol Downstream – the retail division of KMG International Group in Romania recently opened two new service centers with Rompetrol gas stations on A1 highway (Orăştie – Sibiu section) in the vicinity of Cristian township (km 260+160 – left and right). The A1 highway is the main connecting route with Hungary and the countries of the western European Union, being both a commercial and a tourist route.
“We successfully conclude a new stage of the development of our presence, by opening the last integrated centers out of 12 units undertaken by the concession contract with CNAIR. We implemented a new concept of Rompetrol gas stations in order to answer our customers’ expectations to provide new services on A1 highway, one of the most traveled roads in the country.”, stated Laurenţiu Colţănel, Network, Planning & Development Group Director within KMG International.
These two centers are the last units of the package of 12 integrated centers built by Rompetrol on the A1 highway and completed in 2023 near Pecica, Orăştie, Recaş, Girmata, Sagu. The overall investment for the all 12 centers amounts above 40 mln. USD, provided by the Kazakh Romanian Energy Investment Fun.    
The construction and amenities works for these new service centers were completed in December of last year, and afterwards checks and tests of the equipment were carried out, as well as obtaining the necessary and legal approvals for commissioning.
Having about 100 employees, each station is equipped with 3 multi-product pumps for cars, 1 fast diesel pump for large vehicles, an AdBlue pump, a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supply skid and 2 stations of fast and high-power electric charging, each with 4 charging stations.
These centers also offer facilities such as shops, cafes, restaurants (right station), dedicated spaces for mothers and people with disabilities, payment terminals for vignettes/bills/bank transfers/insurance, as well as parking spaces for 151 cars and trucks/TIR/buses.
The new stations Rompetrol were designed indoors and built in line with the development of the "hei" brand, an umbrella concept with distinct service lines – hei coffee&gourmet for assisted service with restaurant-style food (Cristian right station) and hei&coffee for products like coffee, pastries, and sandwiches (Cristian left station).
The "hei coffee&gourmet" station concept promotes freshness, taste and genuineness, three pillars that can be found both at the design level and in the varied menu of drinks and dishes. The restaurant was built using natural materials, neutral colors and discreet lighting, for a unique gastronomic experience, from Romanian culinary preparations to international specialties, all developed under the careful supervision of a chef with over 10 years of experience in international cuisine.
At the same time, the hei&coffee concept offers an incursion into the world of the senses, through the irresistible mix of 7 origins (Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, India, Rwanda, Ethiopia) or through the authentic Single-Origin Rwanda taste and its aroma of citrus and floral notes.
The customers of the gas stations enjoy the high-quality petroleum products (Efix range of fuels), obtained at Petromidia Navodari - the largest refinery in Romania and one of the most modern in the Black Sea region.
“The next step is the opening of 6 new service centers (3 lots) with Rompetrol gas stations in Romania, respectively on the A3 highway (near Sanpaul - Mures) and the bypass options for the cities of Suceava and Brasov. These are already in progress, in various phases from design to obtaining the formal authorizations from the local authorities.” added Laurenţiu Colţănel, Network, Planning & Development Group Director.

The new service centers will be built on the plots provided by CNAIR through the contracts awarded in 2023 for the concession of services to equip/equip, operate and maintain the spaces for services/short-term parking/long-term parking located on the highways and national roads in Romania opened to road traffic.

Rompetrol Downstream

Rompetrol Downstream is the retail division of the KMG International Group in Romania.

At the end of last year, the company operated a network of 1,325 fuel sales points in Romania, including Rompetrol's own stations, Rompetrol partner stations, Rompetrol Expres mobile stations and internal bases (9 and 20 cubic meter tanks located on the premises of the company. There are 77 electric charging points with a capacity between 50 kW and a maximum of 150 KW, in 29 fuel distribution stations.

In addition, the company also operates 6 fuel depots on national level, about 200 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) car charging stations and over 7,000 LPG/domestic LPG cylinder distribution points.

In 2017, Rompetrol was the first profile company in Romania to open the first gas station with an electric charging station, and in 2018 it completed the equipment of the first station with high-capacity solar panels, a first for Romania and the Black Sea region.

Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (KREIF)

Part of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded in 2014 between KMG International and the Romanian State, The Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund (FIEKR) was established in 2018.

The main and strategic objective of the Kazakh-Romanian Energy Investment Fund pursues the development of energy projects in Romania. Its sole shareholders are KMG International and the Company for the Administration of Energy Shares - SAPE.

The Investment Fund has two major investment projects in progress - the construction of a thermoelectric cogeneration plant on the Midia platform and the development of a fuel distribution network under the Rompetrol umbrella.

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