Rompetrol purchased through the Foundation for SMURD 4 intensive care beds, individually equipped with multi-function ventilators, vital function monitors, console with injectors, infusion pumps, worth $ 143,000, and donated to the intensive care units of Constanţa County Hospital (3 beds with complete equipment for monitoring and treating patients) and the Matei Balş Infectious Diseases Hospital in Bucharest (1 bed with the related medical equipment).

Rompetrol's contribution to this project raises the company's total support in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic to approximately $ 1 million.


The health crisis generated by this pandemic affects us all, the pressure on medical staff is increasing, as well as the needs of patients in intensive care units in the country. We continue to show solidarity and try to respond to as many needs of the civil sector in this period as possible, whether we are talking about health, education or social issues. Together we can drive easily this path of challenges and together we can build and rebuild our society as we wish”, Iskander Abdibaitov, Chief Officer Corporate Development of KMG International.


The donated medical equipment covers the full range of clinical requirements and provides patients with long-term monitoring and care, intensive care, emergency or respiratory care at high standards. Currently, there are over 1200 people hospitalized in intensive care units nationwide.


We are going through a period in which, more than ever, each intensive care bed means a chance at life offered to patients who reach a critical condition as a result of infection with the new coronavirus. Thanks to the help of our partners from Rompetrol, we managed to purchase 4 more fully equipped intensive care beds that will serve the ICU sections belonging to SCJU Constanţa and the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Matei Balş. We thank Rompetrol both for their support and trust and for their determination and desire to once again take an active role in the fight that our colleagues in the front line are waging every day to save lives”, added Dr. Raed Arafat, Head of Department for Emergency Situations.


"Currently, the equipment received simply means more chances for life. Through this sponsorship, KMG International not only helps to save our patients, but also supports us, the medical personnel in the first line, in the extremely hard fight against this virus. The more resources we have, the more lives we can save. Thank you, Rompetrol, for your solidarity and involvement. Together we are stronger!" - Dr. Marius Prăzaru, medical director of SCJU Constanţa.


KMG International/Rompetrol through its partnerships with the Foundation for SMURD, Dăruieşte Aripi Association, Romanian Red Cross supported this year the communities of Constanţa, Prahova and Bucharest in managing the covid-19 pandemic, by donating fuel for the Ambulance Service, the purchase of medical supplies (masks, gloves), medical equipment, reagents to determine the virus type (genome analysis to identify national specificity and potential genetic mutations, by the Cantacuzino Institute), a 12-bed mobile intensive care unit that can be used anywhere in the country during the pandemic period, but also in situations of calamities and disasters. In addition, the Group provided fuel to various NGOs for the provision of specialized medical care at patients' homes (Hospice Casa Speranţei, Dăruieşte Aripi Association) and for the safe transportation of patients from home to hospital, for medical treatment (through the Magic Association).

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