The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, in collaboration with KMG International, present to the Romanian cinephile public three masterpieces of Kazakh cinema as part of the 6th edition of Kazakh Film Festival, from March 16 through March 18. The event, one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, is organized exclusively online due to the pandemic restrictions, in the already traditional partnership with the French Institute - Cinema Elvire Popesco.

“2021 marks the anniversary of 30 years of independence of Kazakhstan. The movies, with deep Kazakh historical roots to be shown during the Festival, are shared with the Romanian public as a celebration of this anniversary and also to honor our cultural and diplomatic bilateral ties. These works of cinema art are a reminder of our universal values and the devotement we all have for our cultural backgrounds.” - H.E. Mr. Nurbakh Rustemov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Romania.

“We have been a promoter of the Romanian - Kazakh cultural partnership through various initiatives in the past years. This year in the pandemic context we will be together at this online event, from the safety and comfort of our homes and enjoy 3 art movies, on war, love, family themes. Also we continue to put our effort in supporting those involved in managing the current health crisis generated by the pandemic and hopefully we will be able to enjoy the future edition in the cinema, in the beautiful venue of the French Institute, our long-term partner in this wonderful cultural project.”– Iskander Abdibaitov, Chief Officer of KMG International.

During the 3 days of online festival, the following films are planned for screening: Tomiris (2019) internationally awarded with Grand Prix la L'Étrange Festival in Paris, Walnut Tree | Zhangak Tal (2015), Road to Home | Doroga Domoy (2015).

The movies subtitled in Romanian can be accessed for free, from anywhere in the country, after a preliminary online reservation on Eventbook portal/ Cinema Elvire Popesco; for the first movie on March 16 - here, for March 17 - here and for the movie from the last day of the Festival – here.

The movie critic Irina Margareta Nistor introduces the event in a podcast.

The trailer of the Festival can be watched on YouTube.

In partnership with Cărtureşti bookshop network, cinephiles can also win books on cinema history, through a contest organized on social media channels of Rompetrol.