False campaigns that illegally use our name and identification elements have surfaced in online.

We strongly advise you not to access these sources and refrain from providing personal information!

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How to quickly identify a fake online campaign?

  • Check the source: Make sure to get your information from reliable sources; avoid accessing unverified sources.
  • Analyze the URL: Fake campaigns may use URLs that resemble official ones; ensure the URL contains the correct company name and is secure (https).
  • Examine the design and language: Fake campaigns may use similar logos and design elements, but there are often subtle differences. Also, pay attention to the language used. Grammar errors or unprofessional language can be red flags.
  • Read the content carefully: Fake campaigns may promise unrealistic benefits, contain incorrect information, or use emotional manipulation tactics.

Avoid providing personal information: Never provide personal or financial information on suspicious websites or in messages.

Stay vigilant: Online misinformation constantly evolves; choose to remain vigilant regarding new disinformation tactics and threats.

Report fake campaigns: If you identify one, make sure to notify the platform it's on and share information within your community to help prevent the spread of misinformation.
Below, you'll find some examples of false campaigns that you should avoid:

Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign
Fake Campaign

Thank you for choosing to get your information from official sources!