Local production has the power to further contribute to sustainable economic growth

This makes the impact that local companies have on economic stability even more important, especially in strategic industries and those that provide highly sought-after products and services.

Rompetrol is a responsible representative of the energy industry, carrying out crude oil supply and refining activities, selling products through its network of filling stations in Romania and the Black Sea countries, as well as trading crude oil and other petroleum products. 

Rompetrol owns two of Romania's four refineries and the only one local Petrochemicals Division. Petromidia is the largest local Refinery and provides the largest production of fuels and is also the only polymer producer through its Petrochemicals Division, which ensures more than half of domestic petrochemical consumption.

Vega, the Group's second Refinery, is the only local producer of road bitumen, normal hexane, and environmentally friendly solvents used by more than half of local and regional industries. 

Alongside us are thousands of business partners and suppliers, each adding value for the benefit of Romanian consumers. 

Together we contribute to development, we believe in quality, but also long-term support of local communities. In addition to extensive employment opportunities in various fields, locally manufactured products generate revenue that can be reinvested in developing local infrastructure and supporting other local businesses. 

Through partnerships across industries, the local economy becomes more resilient to economic change and can better adapt to new opportunities.

Together we create the energy for a sustainable future.