Digitization does not mean replacing human resources, but a real support for the people who work, every day, in the complex units within Petromidia and Vega refineries, or along our distribution chain or support functions.

In refineries, technology has allowed us to extract maximum from raw materials and maintain safe operations without unplanned shutdowns. It also helped us reduce the impact on the environment, by continuously monitoring the parameters of the installations.

Efficiency and environment protection

Advanced Process Control

Rompetrol continues to be a local pioneer by launching a comprehensive digital transformation program at the Petromidia refinery in Navodari. The biggest project implemented is Advanced Process Control (APC).

APC Objectives:

  • identify optimal conditions for increasing the capacity;

  • product quality improvement;

  • reducing energy consumption;

  • more effective control of key parameters.

The implementation of the digital solution - Advanced Process Control began in 2017 as a pilot project at the Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation Unit (DAV) – one of the most important units in the processing of crude oil that ensures the raw material for the rest of the installations from the refinery.

The program had 4 major phases considering the complexity of technological flows and it was fully implemented by the end of 2020.

  1. Coker, Gasoline Hydrotreater and Gas Fractionation Units;

  2. Catalytic Cracking Unit and Hydrogen Production Unit;

  3. Catalytic Reforming and Jet Hydrotreating;

  4. Mild Hydrocracking and Diesel Hydrotreating.

The impact generated for the three units, after the first phase, is of about 1 million USD / year.

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Advanced Process Control

Vapor recovery unit

Vega refinery has a fully automated vapor recovery unit at the auto and rail loading points.

The automated equipment consists of four loading stations in the CF ramp and three stations in the car ramp, these being equipped with modern steam loading and recovery arms, electrical equipment and control, command and surveillance apparatus.

The plant is designed for a capacity of 300 mc/h, and the maximum emissions in the atmosphere of the compounds do not exceed the values imposed by the profile authorities.

More details here.

Predictive maintenance

An application that mines operational and maintenance data to identify the precise failure and anomaly signatures that precede asset degradation and breakdowns, predict future failures and prescribe detailed actions to mitigate or solve problems.

Process simulator

Allows “What if?” and “What’s best?” scenarios to be run automatically to determine strategies that maximize profitability. Experts can review the recommended strategies to assess the impact of each recommended approach.
All these types of digital solutions were added to a digital platform implemented on the Petromidia platform since 2004.

Distributed control system

This system is a 33 million USD automation project, that provided full automation to Petromidia Refinery and later on to the petrochemicals activities.

The project included modernization of the existing control units and automation of all systems, up to the supervision of all technological processes in a Digital Control and Command Center.


Real-time products distribution

"Shunting Expert", developed by GFR, allows the monitoring and control, in real time, of the traffic of petroleum products, on the railway infrastructure in Vega and Petromidia.


E-learning and social platforms

Digital platforms that allow acquiring new knowledge and developing professional skills, as well as knowledge transfer: Internship program, training of young operational staff.

Product quality

Automation of “In line Blending” unit

The implementation of the new digital system at our In line Blending Units ensures a detailed real-time analysis of the components and the final product obtained and, implicitly, a careful monitoring of fuel quality and their compliance with the legislation in force.

The quality of the product obtained after the blending process is monitored and controlled through on-line analyzers, which transmit the data in real time to the operators.

Support services

Collaborative work

Remote work was based on tools that allowed people to have access to documents at any time, so platforms like OneDrive, SharePoint, DocuSign help us work together on projects, collaboratively.

Internal communication

Platforms like Yammer are also of paramount importance for a constant communication within large organizations like Rompetrol, having employees in many locations in Romania, but also abroad, in Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan or Switzerland.

Constant flow of information

An HR chatbot with centralized relevant information is used to keep our employees correctly informed and updated during the current context. Available 24/7, at a click of a button, the chatbot offers quick access to useful information and answers to questions about the current situation, on topics such as work, HR processes and law changes issued by the authorities.