The Sustainability Report is addressed to all stakeholders of KMG International and aims at communicating our progress in the field of sustainable development and at consolidating our commitment for transparency on our operations and non-financial impact.

Our report bears the assurance of a Big4 auditing company and respects the GRI standard, as well other international frameworks – SASB, TCFD.

All reports published in this section are issued by the Group and contain detailed information about the member firms.

The 2021 KMG International Sustainability Report closely reflects the Group’s activity against the backdrop of the events and evolutions shaping the reporting period. We look closely at Rompetrol Rafinare and its affiliated companies, as a listed company on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and significant in terms of processing units; we also zoom in on companies of relevance for our business and also falling under the incidence of the 2021 sustainability reporting directive – for instance Rompetrol Well Services, Rominserv.

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