• The first "Champ on the Road" event in Romania took place at the Rompetrol Şagu station on July 25, 2023
• Drivers received free coffee, a hot meal and other gifts
• This year, "Champ on the Road" campaign includes events in certain selected stations in five countries

UTA Edenred, one of Europe's leading mobility service providers and an Edenred company, announces the “Champ on the Road” series of events, recognizing the hard work and challenging conditions faced by professional drivers in Europe. Together with its partners, UTA Edenred has organized and will continue to organize such events in certain filling stations in several European countries such as Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and Romania. During the events drivers will receive a gift after fueling the vehicles. Gifts offered may include practical equipment, travel accessories, snacks and/or refreshments.

The first "Champ on the Road" event organized by UTA Edenred, held in Romania, in partnership with Rompetrol, took place at the Rompetrol station A1 Şagu, Lot 2 left (A1 Nădlac-Arad, Km 530+536 left, com. Şagu, county Arad, Romania). After refueling, truck, van and bus drivers were awarded with a gift from UTA Edenred, a coffee and a hot meal from Rompetrol.

Bauyrzhan Nugumanov, Rompetrol Downstream General Manager: "We thank our partners from UTA Edenred for the initiative of this event. Together we are close to the drivers who spend many hours on the road and need a well-deserved break. This year we opened ten new gas stations on the A1 highway, the Sibiu-Nădlac section, one of the busiest routes in Romania, where customers can enjoy a hot meal, in addition to the multitude of products and services they find there, and where they can relax in a space specially designed to help them recharge with energy to hit the road again safely. We are waiting for the drivers in our integrated hei&coffee and hei coffe&gourmet service centers in Pecica and Şagu (Arad county), Recaş and Giarmata (Timiş), Orăştie (Hundoara), and soon also in Cristian (Sibiu)".

Each of these stations has around 100 parking spaces, mostly for large vehicles.

Last year, Rompetrol and UTA Edenred concluded a partnership based on which UTA customers can use the network of Rompetrol's own stations. Using UTA cards, they can fill up with petrol, diesel and LPG.

Lukas Schneider, Director of Strategic Partnerships at UTA Edenred, says: “UTA Edenred is dedicated to the well-being of hard-working professional drivers and is grateful for their contribution to the European economy. Last year's UTA ​​Champions' Days highlighted the crucial role they play in society, and our 'Champ on the Road' series takes this recognition to another level with a series of events in multiple countries. We would like to thank our partners for their help in organizing these events."

Also, the "Champ on the Road" events are a continuation of UTA Edenred's successful "We care for you" campaign, which distributed hygiene products, protective masks, disinfectants and food to transporters in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.