Rompetrol has initiated spring planting activities on the International Day of Forests, together with the EcoAssist Association through the national project "Planting Good Deeds in Romania," starting with schools in the city of Piteşti, Argeş County.
Rompetrol volunteers planted various ornamental species, trees, and shrubs in the green spaces of Nicolae Bălcescu and Traian Primary Schools in Piteşti, contributing to improving the quality of the environment, the aesthetics of green spaces, and the perimeters of educational units, enhancing awareness and love for nature among young people.
"The plants were chosen based on the area where they were planted, whether in partial shade, shade, or sunlight, as well as the color of the leaves, to achieve a varied palette in the schoolyard and plants that bloom throughout the year. We are very interested in interacting with the children, for them to understand what it means to plant and to follow the evolution of the plants, to care for them continuously." - Ilie Adrian, Forestry Engineer, EcoAssist Association.
Rompetrol continues its efforts towards the commitment made by the company to expand green areas both in urban environments, in schools and parks in the communities where it operates, and in Rompetrol stations and areas at risk of deforestation nationwide. Following the action in Piteşti, the company plans to mobilize more volunteers this spring to plant in Sibiu and Prahova counties.
Over the past 3 years, with the help of 200 Rompetrol volunteers, the company has planted approximately 60,000 seedlings over an area of ​​approximately 16 hectares, with the support of the EcoAssist Association, through the national project "Planting Good Deeds in Romania."

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