The KMG International (Rompetrol) Group has joined the Diversity Charter, following the signing of the declaration by which the member companies undertake to promote and develop organizational diversity.

The approach involves the application of a set of 7 principles that develop an inclusive culture, emphasizing progress, creativity and innovation.

"The KMG International Group respects and acts in accordance with the principles of Diversity and Inclusion, in continuation of the steps already initiated. We seek to define new action plans for the integration of a more practical approach, and among the first actions is the running of an internal awareness campaign at the level of the Rompetrol community, regarding the benefits of diversity", declares Cătălin Dumitru, Chief Officer Retail & Marketing - KMG International.

The transformation process of the KMG International Group, supported by the diversification of the product range and ensuring the stability of the supply chain, is facilitated by the implementation of diversity and inclusion practices, internalized by the group companies operating in Romania.

In 2022, the average number of employees was over 5,300 people, with a 2% increase in the number of women employed compared to 2021, reaching a general representation of 30% at Group level. In total, 64% of all employees work in Romania.

"KMG International is an employer that makes sustained efforts to create new jobs and a stable work environment with an inclusive culture. These mean constant revenues to state budgets, with significant contributions to the economies of the countries and communities in which we operate", adds Gina Cruceru, Group Human Resources Director - KMG International.

The Group also offers career opportunities to candidates of all age groups, with the organization comprising employees from all active generations. In the context of the decrease in the number of professionals specialized in the energy field, colleagues with more experience are given due recognition. They have been an integrated part of mentoring programs for over 20 years, with direct involvement in knowledge transfer.

The contribution of the Group's activities in recent years to the local economy includes more than 15,000 jobs generated directly and indirectly, solid commercial partnerships and payments to the state budget of more than 20 billion dollars. In addition to the positive impact on the Romanian market, exports of petroleum products over the last 15 years have supported Romania's trade balance, with a total value of over 18 billion dollars.

At the national level, the Diversity Charter brings together 195 signatories, covering approximately 260,000 employees from companies, public institutions and NGOs, who have publicly assumed the principles of the Charter, so that diversity, equal opportunities and social inclusion become recognized values and respected in Romania.

At the level of the European community, the platform brings together over 7,100 signatories from 18 member states, who have assumed the principles of the Charter. More than 14 million employees already benefit from the voluntary commitment of signatory companies and public institutions in the field of diversity management.


In the more than 15 years of presence in Romania, KazMunayGas and KMG International have focused their investments on modernizing and increasing refining capacities, maintaining and diversifying the products obtained, developing and securing the supply chains of raw materials and transfer of petroleum products, but also in the expansion and alignment of Rompetrol gas stations in the region with new trends and technologies.

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, the Group operated, through its member company Rompetrol Downstream, a network of 1,284 fuel sales points, consisting of Rompetrol's own stations, Partner Rompetrol, but also mobile stations - Rompetrol Expres and internal bases (tanks of 9 and 20 cubic meters located in the premises of companies from various fields of activity – transport, construction, agriculture, etc.).

Fuels are produced in the Petromidia Năvodari refinery, the largest refinery in Romania and one of the most modern in the Black and Mediterranean areas, which operates in an integrated system with the Vega refinery in Ploiesti, both of which are operated by the KMG International Group.