Rompetrol Moldova, part of the KMG International Group, is celebrating 20 years since establishment. During these years it consolidated its presence in the country and became the most important supplier of fuels at national level. Currently, the company has over 1,000 employees, with a total contribution to the state budget of the Republic of Moldova of over 733 million dollars over its 20 years of activity.

“Rompetrol has become a factor of stability in the 20 years of presence in the region and in the Republic of Moldova, both through investments, jobs, contributions to local budgets, commercial relations, as well as by providing oil products of the highest quality standards. Added are the observance of commitments to customers, authorities and business partners, a continuous development of the products and services offered, the implementation of new Rompetrol station concepts and a constant alignment with technological trends, aspects that have positioned Rompetrol as the largest and most important local fuel supplier”, declared Valeriy Yugay, General Director of Rompetrol Moldova.

Founded in 2002, Rompetrol Moldova has delivered and sold over its 20 years of activity a volume of over 2.8 million tons of fuels, of which approximately 1.2 million in the last 5 years of activity. This evolution was also supported by the extensive expansion and modernization program of the Petromidia Navodari refinery - the most prominent refinery in Romania and one of the most complex in the Black Sea region - from 3.5 million to over 5 million tons.

A strategic direction in the development of Rompetrol also aimed at expanding the distribution network in the Republic of Moldova, from 7 units in 2007 to 78 in 2017, respectively 96 fuel stations with 84 stores at present. Until the end of the year, the company proposed to open a new Rompetrol gas station in the area of the capital city, Chisinau, where it has more than half of its gas stations.

Simultaneously with the continuous development of its own fuel distribution network, the company also focused on the expansion of wholesale and fuel supply activities to local partners from various fields of activity (agriculture, transport, construction, etc.).

Through the two fuel depots in Chisinau and Giurgiulesti (where the only port in the Republic of Moldova with the ability to load/unload maritime vessels is operated), the subsidiary of the KMG International Group has become the largest supplier of oil products in Moldova, with a market share of around 40% in the wholesale segment and over 25% in retail.

The success of Rompetrol in the Republic of Moldova was also supported by the introduction of new payment methods (the Rompetrol card in 2008), the launch of the Efix fuel range (2008 in the Republic of Moldova), and also by the alignment with the new station concept, developed and implemented by the Group since 2013 in Romania, transferred to the Republic Moldova in 2015.

The development of the Group's subsidiaries in the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria and Georgia would not have been possible without the long-term strategy implemented by KMG International. In the 15 years since taking over Rompetrol's assets, KMG International has made massive investments, especially in the expansion and modernization of production capacities, namely the Petromidia Navodari refinery.

The refinery on the shores of the Black Sea is one of the most modern in the region and represents, together with the Vega Ploiesti refinery, about 40% of the total refining capacity in Romania, being the largest domestic producer of automotive and aviation fuels, as well as the only producer of polymers and special products (bitumen, hexane, solvents, heating fuel). In the 15 years since it has been part of KazMunayGas, Petromidia has processed a total amount of over 74.5 million tons of raw materials (3.8 million tons in the first nine months of this year), of which about 65.3 million tons of crude oil.

Petromidia refinery processes, in particular, KEBCO (Kazakh Export Blend Crude Oil) from Kazakhstan, loaded in the onshore and offshore terminals of Novorossiysk port and unloaded in the port of Midia, directly to its tank park. Through KMG Trading - the trading division for raw materials and oil products, the Group has the necessary experience and capacity to identify and ensure the supply of crude oil to Petromidia refinery, in any context.

KMG International is fully owned by the national oil and gas company of Kazakhstan – KazMunayGas.

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