Rompetrol Downstream, the retail distribution company of KMG International, operating a network of 165 stations across Romania, opens 100 jobs at national level to be taken up by youth aged 18-25 who leave the state foster care system.

The project is part of the Group’s sustainability approach on reducing inequalities, providing decent work and economic growth (in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 8 & 10) aiming for social inclusion and equal opportunities to vulnerable groups.

“Through this project we enable young people to become equal members of society and show them that they can learn, work hard and be given a chance. All teenagers will benefit from complete training and all-needed-support to become Rompetrol team members; they will have regular incomes, health insurance and all the benefits that formal employment provides.” – Gina Cruceru, Group Director Human Resources, KMG International.

Teenagers who have completed high-school, interested in taking up jobs as commercial worker, cook, barista may apply by submitting an email to to express their interest. Also NGOs working with youth from the state system or local General Directions of Social Assistance may submit recommendations. Based on job availability at the level of each county, the candidates will be contacted for a telephone interview.

The full list of jobs available in Rompetrol stations will be updated along the year at this link .

At the level of retail distribution network in Romania, Rompetrol generates over 2600 jobs, for people with ages from 18 to 71 years old, out of which 63% are women.

As part of its CSR strategy, KMG International supports in Prahova Organizatia Umanitara Concordia, an NGO who has been working for 30 years in poor communities to help children and young people to start a new life by providing education and training in their family-type homes, day centers and schools.

“Due to discrimination, unfavorable starting positions and strong prejudice, these young people leaving the state protection system find it difficult to find work and earn a living. The coronavirus pandemic that brought the world to a halt, affected vulnerable groups, putting them at even greater risks. Rompetrol is now a chance for them for gaining employment, independence, stability and a dignified life, and their corporate approach, of great systemic impact, is highly appreciated.” – Diana Certan, executive director of Concordia.