The national campaign to support blood donations at national level carried out by Rompetrol Downstream, between March 15 and May 15, in partnership with the National Institute of Hematology and Transfusion, Department for Emergency Situations and the SMURD Foundation has as results 63,750 blood and plasma donors, and over 25,000 liters of blood. The value of the vouchers offered by the company to donors, to support the campaign, exceeded 1 million lei.  


“We thank the donors for their gesture of great nobility and responsibility and we are happy to see that the number of donors increased, compared to the results of the previous campaign supported by the company. We have been traditionally involved in several nationwide health projects, for over 15 years; it is an area where we invest significantly in partnership with various stakeholders, to cover the needs of a wide population. Through this project and other similar corporate endeavors, we are committed to offering a state of wellbeing and good health both to our employees and communities at large.” – Zhanibek Nugertayev, GM of Rompetrol Downstream. 


“The National Institute of Hematology and Transfusion thanks the blood donors who were involved in the campaign initiated by Rompetrol between March 15 and May 15, 2022. Blood donation is a desirable social behavior of educated communities, with a normal empathic response, stimulated by their own beliefs and values, and Rompetrol's national campaign helps to strengthen the development of these communities and to maintain awareness around the permanent need of blood and plasma” Dr. Violeta Oancea – Director of the National Institute for Hematology and Blood Transfusion. 


A single unit of donated blood, of 400 ml, can save a life. However, in Romania, statistically, there are 1,8% donors, while at European level 37% people donate blood, according to a report of the European Parliament.  

Rompetrol implemented a similar project in 2020, during the pandemic, with more than 20,000 liters of blood collected during the 2-month summer campaign, with over 44,000 people donating. 


„Together with Rompetrol we have completed many projects, and this campaign is one of them, proving to be one with extraordinary results, gathering in just 2 months 63,750 donors, being one of the most successful blood donation campaigns carried out in Romania in recent years. The altruism of tens of thousands of people will give an extra chance to every hospitalized critically ill patient and will encourage others to help save lives by regularly donating blood, which is otherwise beneficial for donor. We thank our partners from Rompetrol for the initiative and the Bucharest Transfusion Center and all blood centers from the country for their involvement and contribution.” – Dr. Raed Arafat, Chief of Department for Emergency Situations and President of the SMURD Foundation. 


The campaign took place in all 41 transfusion centers in Romania, and the donors received at the time of donation a voucher based on which the can receive free of charge, until May 30, from any Rompetrol fuel distribution station a fresh juice and a sandwich.  


Along time, Rompetrol supported the activity of transfusion centers through various projects: in 2017 the company donated to the National Institute of Hematology and Transfusion two plasma refrigerators that meet the norms and European standards imposed, as well as technical-medical furniture for laboratories; in 2018 Rompetrol endowed the Constanta Regional Transfusion Center with new equipment meant to increase the technical capacity of the medical unit: a platelet agitator and a hemo-mixer, which are mandatory equipment for any transfusion center.  

In 2021, Rompetrol equipped the blood tests lab of the Navodari medical unit with high performing devices which allow diverse and complex investigations, serving a population of 30,000 inhabitants.