Midia Marine Terminal (MMT), member company of the KMG International Group, has successfully completed the turnaround of the offshore marine terminal, which ensures the supply of raw materials to the Petromidia refinery.

For 24 days, the 4.3 million USD project involved complex work, the most important component being the replacement of all floating and submerged hoses. More precisely, it is about two floating structures of over 250 meters each, respectively two underwater structures of 33.5 meters each.

"The complexity of the work carried out required the involvement of all Midia Marine Terminal employees, but also the contracting of the best specialists at the national level. Together, we managed to complete the work within the planned execution schedule, despite the difficult weather conditions. Thus, the project was carried out without problems, in compliance with all operational, safety and environmental norms", said Ioan Taus, General Manager of Midia Marine Terminal.

Most of the equipment can be used for 8 years, but those that are subjected to an increased level of mechanical stress will be replaced in two years. Also, the parts removed from service are to be neutralized, with the support of specialized companies, according to the regulations in force.

A single section of hose can be 12 meters long, weighs around 5 tons, is double jacketed and is designed for a nominal pressure of 19 bar. Midia Marine Terminal operates the terminal at a pressure of 8 bar.

The parts made by the Japanese company Yokohama were specially manufactured for the terminal located 8.6 km off the Black Sea coast, respecting all the technical specifications indicated by Midia Marine Terminal.

More than 20 divers participated in the works, nine of them being permanent employees of Midia Marine Terminal. In total, they performed 1,129 hours of diving, and the total hours worked during the project, by all personnel involved, reached approximately 19,500 hours.

The divers were assisted from the surface by teams of diving technicians, who supervised all the work done underwater, but also a doctor specialized in hyperbaric therapy, who monitored all the parameters of the divers. Also, additional assistance during the work was provided by the three tugs operated by MMT.

Following the completion of the turnaround of the marine terminal, crude oil unloading operations have also begun, with the first vessels being operated this week, with a total of almost 250,000 tons of crude oil delivered to the Petromidia refinery.

The terminal is of the Single Point Mooring type and is composed of a static part, fixed to the seabed by a system of anchors, and a second part, to which the ship is tied, which can turn freely in around the static part, with the help of a massive bearing, depending on the wind, current and waves.

The maximum operating throughput is 7,000 m³/h, which means that a vessel carrying between 80,000 and 160,000 tons can be unloaded within 24-36 hours.

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