The campaign organized by Rompetrol Downstream "Spreading the goodness of fruits", which took place between May 24 and June 24, brings to the Magic Association funds of USD 20,000, money collected from directing one leu from the purchase of each juice, smoothie and yogurt with fresh fruits, in the 166 "hei" stations.
"Rompetrol has been supporting the Magic Association since May 2020, when we launched "Soul driver", an initiative that helped more than 12,000 children and parents reach the necessary investigations and medical treatments at hospitals in the country, through the involvement of volunteers who traveled over two million of kilometers. Through this campaign in the stations, with the support of our customers who purchased fruit-based products, we continue to contribute to the Magic mission, to donate and support cancer patients and their families" - Bauyrzhan Nugumanov, GM Rompetrol Downstream.
The amount of money collected from the campaign supports both the Magic Home project and the transportation of children with chronical or oncological disease whose families do not have their own car and for whom the trip to the hospital for check-ups, treatments or surgeries involves an additional source of stress and expenses.
"We would like to thank the entire Rompetrol team, the staff at the gas stations, as well as every person who bought fruit products between April 24 and June 24, thus providing support to those facing serious ailments. It is a gesture of solidarity, a way of mobilizing the community and spreading our mission, that no seriously ill child should be alone in the difficult moments when fighting the disease. MagicHOME means free housing and meals for children with serious diagnoses and their parents. During this period, we have provided 2768 accommodation places for 462 people in the 14 MagicHOME houses or apartments and these spaces are full almost all the time, with more and more requests all the time. We wouldn't be able to offer so much support without the strong community that has formed around our cause and without partners like Rompetrol who provide fuel for our projects and, at the same time, hope that, together, we can do more!" - Corina Banu, Foundraiser of the Magic Association.
Rompetrol Downstream is a member company of the KMG International Group (Rompetrol), which operates a network of over 1,200 fuel sales points, consisting of its own stations and internal bases (tanks of 9 and 20 cubic meters, located in the customer premises). The company also operates six fuel depots, 280 car charging stations with liquefied petroleum gas - LPG and more than 7,000 LPG/domestic fuel cylinder distribution points at the national level.
Annually the Group invests in projects for communities, in four key areas: health, environmental protection, education and culture; the value of involvement in the last 3 years exceeding 3 million.

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