hei, Romania!

Romania is always surprising, it's like discovering 5 countries in one!

The great beauties are always discreet, hidden gems, but extremely generous with those who have the patience and desire to discover them.

We have rediscovered the villages and we were especially impressed by the people who out of a great passion created another universe.

The project supports first of all these people who believed in their dream and who are saving the Romanian villages by involving the communities in their activities, either keeping the local gastronomy alive, organizing workshops that show old customs or organizing simple hikes in the unaltered nature.

There is a whole magic in these places, which you can discover by visiting their hosts and listening to their stories.

hei, România! Argeș

hei, România! Harghita

hei, România! Brașov III

hei, România! Hunedoara, Alba

hei, România! Alba

hei, Romania! Caraș Severin

hei, România! Hunedoara

hei, România! Bihor

hei, România! Maramureș

hei, România! Mehedinți

hei, România! Brașov I

hei, România! Brașov II

hei, România! Bistrița-Năsăud