Rompetrol continues to be a partner for over 10 years of the prestigious classical music event - the George Enescu International Competition. Organized at the highest standards in the field, the competition in 4 categories – cello, violin, piano and composition, is a launching platform for future prestigious musicians of the world, while at the same time promoting Enescu’s compositions among artists and the public, being thus a natural completion of the Festival.

In 2020, not even the pandemic that affected the whole world stopped 272 musicians from 41 countries to rise to the challenge opened by Enescu a century ago and to follow their dream and chance, by joining the competition.

But due to the worsening of the covid pandemic, the edition scheduled to take place between August 29 and September 20, will be reorganized into two distinct phases- the first two stages of the competition will be organized exclusively online in September, according to the initial calendar, and the Semifinals and Finals of each section – piano, cello, violin, composition, will be rescheduled in May 2021, at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.

The Enescu Contest 2020 will start according to the program on August 29, with the Gala concert initially announced, and the public access to this musical moment, as well as to the first two stages of the Contest will bu exclusively online and free of charge.

Because music brings us beauty in life even in times of pandemic!