Gas Stations

A Rompetrol gas station is a real energizing center, it is a meeting point, the favorite coffee shop or trusted neighborhood store for safe convenience shopping.

In the context of the pandemic, we introduced new services in the gas stations, specific to customer needs and in line with the measures adopted by the authorities.

For the first time on the local market, Rompetrol stations introduced cash withdrawal service from cash registers and concluded partnerships with the largest online stores.
hei is our approach for shop and gastro within the gas stations network. Is a fresh and communicative brand that stands for quality of its services and contributes to the quality of the customer’s life.
hei concept focuses on stimulating the senses and fulfilling the sensory path by pleasing the sight, touch and taste senses. Our architects and specialists matched warm colors and textures of natural materials in a minimalist decor for a more inviting and relaxing environment.
The attention to details is not just in decorative elements, but also in comfortable placement of the products and clear differentiation by the categories, which adds to your pleasant experience. The atmosphere inside is cozy and welcoming, but also mouthwatering & fresh - our customers are always welcome to stop by and say “hei!”

Loyalty Program

As the first step in creating the concept of Loyalty cards, one of the most recent developments is rompetrol go. It is, the first program in the energy industry in Romania, dedicated to private customers, that offers both loyalty rewards and utility when using a mobile application. For every liter fueled or amount spent at Rompetrol ’s shops and restaurants, customers receive GoPoints.

These points can be used for purchasing goods and services at the gas station‘s shops and restaurants. Rompetrol Go is an innovation that offers a unique customer account for Rompetrol Go and Fill&Go Personal users.

Rompetrol go

The Rompetrol Go mobile application is the first app in the oil and gas field that brings a significant value to drivers and passengers.

It is offering several features for drivers and passengers: the first virtual card for gaining and using points, paying monthly Fill&Go Personal invoices, listening to music which reflects your mood, managing car’s events, checking weather, accessing information about Rompetrol stations and offers and more to come.

The app may be downloaded at App Store and Google Play.

Download for iOS Download for Android

Fill&Go includes products and integrated services designed for drivers and their specific needs. It is a retail system especially created for Rompetrol, an innovation in oil&gas category in România and not only.
Fill&Go is a unique service, it is the first identification system at the pump, available in different versions for both individual clients and companies.
Fill&Go Personal, is the card for individuals, it is the only fuel card that allows a customer to pay bills once a month. It is integrated with Rompetrol Go, allowing customers to earn points by using their Fill&Go cards.
In Romania, to ensure safety conditions for our customers, we have launched a unique concept on the market - "ZERO CONTACT", through which our customers can request online a Fill & Go fuel supply card, can refuel directly at the pump and can use online methods to pay current bills.
Rompetrol‘s most advanced range of fuels that offers outstanding protection properties.
The products were designed at Petromidia, our refinery in Constanta, based on the optimum combination of additives and active compounds, assuring not only the cleaning of the valves and injectors, but also the reduction of fuel consumption and an increase in engine performance.
With the launch of the efix product range, Rompetrol implemented new quality standards, being the first fuel brand to ensure engine protection. That is why it is the most renowned fuel brand in Romania. All efix products meet the pollution requirements Euro 5 and are low in Sulphur, benzene, olefin and flavours.  Efix fuels were tested in Germany at the Competence Center Fuels & Lubes Laboratory, once again validating their outstanding properties. 
The Efix fuels are sold exclusively at Rompetrol gas stations network in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.