Rompetrol Downstream (Romania)

The retail segment is one of the core activities of the KMG International. The number of filling stations has increased in the last 10 years from 54 in 2003 to more than 1,100 in 7 European countries: Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, France and Spain.

Rompetrol Downstream coordinates the local fuel filling station network.

In Romania, the company operates 747 fuel distribution stations namely own filling stations, Rompetrol Partner stations, Expres mobile stations and 9 and 20 m3 Fill&Go Fixed Units.

More than just fuel distribution stations, the Rompetrol stations are designed as service centers where, besides finding the best quality products, the customers have the chance to relax in the 83 restaurants Hei within the network.

Rompetrol Downstream developed specific products able to meet the proximity-related needs, therefore the local distribution infrastructure enlarged rapidly.

Rompetrol established partnerships with a series of independent filling stations all over the country developing Rompetrol Partner network. Due to the investment in retail visual identity branding and installations, these filling stations are now equipped with modern devices and pumps according to the Rompetrol standards, and only deliver fuel produced by the Petromidia Refinery.

To cover rural areas, the company started to install mobile stations Expres and then developed the Fill&Go Fixed Unit concept, tanks of 9 cm and 20 cm installed on the premises of car-fleet owning companies.

As for the services, Rompetrol launched Fill&Go, the first on-site identification card, with monthly payment, offered only by Rompetrol.

Fill&Go is designed for both individual customers as Fill&Go Personal and Fill&Go Credit, and corporate customers as Fill&Go Business.

The company business also includes the activities of the subsidiary Rompetrol Gas, which operates 230 GPL stations, 9,000 gas bottle distribution stations and 3 GPL stations in Constanţa, Arad and Bacău, total capacity of 60,000 tons of GPL per year.

Rompetrol Downstream also coordinates the activity of 6 storehouses located strategically in Arad, Craiova, Mogoşoaia, Şimleul Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei and Zărneşti, ensuring the fuel distribution flow nationwide.

Today, the Group’s local and European consolidation and development strategy is supported by the exclusive production of Euro 5 fuels in the Petromidia Refinery, together with the fuel distribution logistic facilities.


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