Rompetrol Downstream (Romania)

Rompetrol Downstream is a top retailer of quality fuels and innovative services on the Romanian market.

Rompetrol Downstream operates over 700 retail distribution points including own filling stations, Rompetrol Partner stations, Expres mobile stations and 9 and 20 m3 Fill&Go Fixed Units.

More than just quality fuel distribution points, the Rompetrol stations are designed as service centers where customers have the chance to relax in the 83 HEI restaurants within the network.

The company implemented an extensive rebranding program introducing a new retail concept which connects our clients’ needs and expectations to the best technical solutions.  The objective of the project was to consolidate Rompetrol brand’s market image by reinforcing one single and fresh image.

Along the years, Rompetrol established partnerships with a series of independent filling stations all over the country developing the Rompetrol Partner network. Due to the investment in the retail visual identity branding and equipments, these filling stations are equipped with modern devices and pumps according to the Rompetrol standards and  deliver only fuels produced by the Petromidia refinery.

Rompetrol Downstream developed specific products able to meet the proximity-related needs, therefore the local distribution infrastructure enlarged rapidly. To cover rural areas, the company started to install Expres mobile stations and then developed the Fill&Go Fixed Unit concept, tanks of 9 cm and 20 cm installed on the premises of car-fleet owning companies.

As for the services, the company introduced Fill&Go, which stands for innovative pay-at-the pump services, fuels and shopping in the Hei stores, being is the first identification system at-the-pump, available in different versions for both individual and corporate clients.

Efix is Rompetrol’s advanced range of fuels that offers outstanding protection properties. The products were designed with an optimum combination of additives ensuring not only the cleaning of valves and injectors, but also the reduction in fuel consumption and increase in engine performance. Efix fuels are present in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.

Rompetrol Downstream coordinates the activity of 6 warehouses located strategically in Arad, Craiova, Mogoşoaia, Şimleu Silvaniei, Vatra Dornei and Zărneşti, ensuring the fuel distribution flow countrywide.

Main Rompetrol Downstream projects:

Rebranding process in Romania: The rebranding program of the entire distribution network started at the end of 2013 and consisted of replacing the visual elements of the company with the new Rompetrol logo, creating a modern architecture by using quality materials. This program is being extended as well into Georgia and Moldova markets.

New concept for the Shop & Bar areas: The new concept was developed to fully enhance the potential of the station new look and to contribute to the increase of non-fuel sales. It started as a pilot in 2014 and was implemented in 2015 in all Rompetrol stations in Romania. The portfolio of products offered to Rompetrol customers was diversified and improved in order to contribute to the general sales of the stations. The novelties of the new concept differentiate Rompetrol from other market offers and are in line with the company’s long-term strategy.

Change of operational model: the company started in 2015 to develop a new operational system  (CoDo) for the entire retail network in order to better exploit the commercial potential of each station.

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