KazMunayGas Trading AG

KazMunayGas Trading AG is the promoter of the Kazakhstan's petroleum industry at the international level.

The company has been managing all the trading activities, crude supply and fuel products sales for KMG International and third parties for more than 10 years.

Yearly, the company operates over 14 million tons of crude oil, raw materials and finished products. The experience accumulated over the years led us to be the promoter of the Kazakh petroleum industry at the international level and a stability mainstay of the energetic sector in the region of the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Black Sea region: top player in oil products distribution, supplying the market with quality fuels, gasoline, jet and diesel.

Mediterranean Sea, Asia Pacific: actively supplying users, wholesalers and domestic traders in the market.

The company is the main provider of crude oil and other feedstock for the Petromidia and Vega refineries and also for the petrochemicals division.

KazMunayGas Trading AG is responsible for the management and development of the shipping services, necessary to fulfill the Group's needs to develop commercial operations and to access new markets.


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