KazMunayGas Trading AG

KazMunayGas Trading AG is specialized in crude supply and products sales within KMG International. In 2013, the company will become the sole operator for all the crude oil supply of KazMunayGas. 
This is a measure that supports the strategy of the shareholder, KazMunayGas, to bring all its abroad assets around KMG International. 
KazMunayGas Trading AG will be in charge of selling crude oil and oil products but also of developing the logistics required both for its own needs and for the development of commercial operations and access to new markets.  
Following the completion of the capacity increase of Petromidia Refinery to 5 million tons/year, the main objective of the company will be to optimize the entire supply chain, thus improving the operations and logistics services in order to be able to manage the new quantities of raw materials and finished products.
KazMunayGas Trading AG is full provider of crude oil for Petromidia Refinery, over 90% of the crude oil coming from KazMunayGas (KMG). It also manages the product stocks in the refining and retail divisions and is in charge of streamlining the fuel sales operations to the Group’s subsidiaries (Bulgaria, Moldavia, Georgia, Ukraine, France and Spain), as well as for the non-Group companies in the Black Sea region.
Due to an efficient logistic investment policy, KMG International went on to become the largest oil product exporter of Romania in 2013, total volume of USD 1.7 billion. 
By specific operations, the trading activity has a significant input on KMG International’s integration into KazMunayGas, by establishing the synergies with other companies that are part of the state-owned oil and Gas Company of Kazakhstan. 
Midia marine Terminal
Midia Marine Terminal operates the maritime terminal of KMG International and also its berths no 1-4 (for oil transit) and no 9 - 9A, 9B and 9C (for products transit) in the Midia port.


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